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Mekk AL ZR or Triban 500 SE?

nick-gtinick-gti Posts: 131
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Need your advice please wise ones!
First Road bike and on a budget I don't need anything flash as it might not get used a lot.

I'm torn between the Mekk AL ZR on offer at Rutland for £319 ... black.aspx

Or the Triban 500 Se for £330 at decathlon ... tml#v55789

Both get really good reviews, I know the Mekk has a slightly better spec but is it a better bike overall?
Hill climbing isn't my strong point at the moment, so will I better with the Triple rings on the Triban?
I don't know much about either company so your advice will be great thanks


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,213
    Can't tell you anything about those two bike, however they will both do want you want, the triple Triban has the lower gear of 30T - 25T = 31.5" gear inches against the Mekk 34T - 30T = 29.8" not much in it. I have a 10sp compact road bike with that low gear combination 34T - 30T and find it low enough for the terrain I ride.

    Buy the one you like the look of and that fits you the best, which ever you go for swop the tyres to 25mm wide better quality higher TPI count tyres and experiment with tyre pressures.
  • Looking at the Mekk from Rutland. I think they want an extra £35 to build the bike for you, or you can take it to a bike shop, or do it yourself (depends upon your experience).

    I was checking out the Triban at my local Decathlon the other day. They've upped the styling a bit this year. It's pretty smart, but the Microshift shifters still feel a bit fragile to me (the same as the Mekk).

    If I could ride the Mekk beforehand I'd probably go for that, but if you have a Decathlon near by, having a ride in store and finding the best fit is probably invaluable.

    Both a good budget intro the road bikes I would say!
  • andUKandUK Posts: 85
    I looked at budget bikes a month ago and opted to buy a Saracen Tenet 2 from Rutland and thought it pretty good spec for £375 (alu frame, carbon forks, sora 9 speed) .
    The bike came in a box and "building" it meant putting the front wheel in, putting the handlebars into the stem (all cables were pre-attached both ends), tightening the stem and putting a bit of air in the tyres! That was it!
    I would've equally been happy with a Triban or a Mekk ... don't think you can go far wrong with either for the spec at that price.
  • My brother has just bought the Mekk and he is really enjoying it.

    Don't forget, wiggle do price match, so if our size is in stock at Rutland, drop wiggle an email and you can get it price matched

    I have seen, but not ridden the triban 500, and my brothers Mekk looks a lot nicer :)
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  • nick-gtinick-gti Posts: 131
    Thanks for all the advice guy's went with the Mekk in the end Wiggle matched the Rutland price. Then quidco on top seems a bit of a bargain. So all being well it should be delivered tomorrow. Then

    I'll report back with a mini review on it
  • My brother loves his, great service from wiggle, and he has been out on it in all weathers lol.
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