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Mavic krysium Elite S

0boz00boz0 Posts: 238
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Just need a bit of info, just brought some Mavic krysium Elite S to replace my Askiums. As I was changing the tyres over I noticed there was no rim tape which I suspect is weight saving and is part of the design, but what worried me is on both wheels there were to stuffy bits of tape covering what looked like some unfinished paint work and a couple of holes. These are pricy wheel and it just doesn't smack quality, or have a recondition set? Any info would be much appreciated.

Cheers Jon


  • 0boz0 wrote:

    Just but what worried me is on both wheels there were to stuffy bits of tape covering what looked like some unfinished paint work and a couple of holes.

    Can you explain better? What's a stuffy bit of tape?

    tiny holes opposite to the valve hole can be normal where the rim is joined
  • 0boz00boz0 Posts: 238
    Sorry meant to say scruffy. Ive attached some images to give you a better look.


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  • If they are new, I would return them... that doesn't look right
  • 0boz00boz0 Posts: 238

    Have you had a set of these wheels? I have heard around the odd forum post that tape is used round the holes but I'm not sure myself, and also there is two taped section one over the holes another over what looks like the paint is missing, this is on both front and back, Id like to know if anyone has brought the same wheels and if this is the way they are manufacturer before taking them back.

    Cheers Jon.
  • hi Jon I've got the same wheels. they have not got any tape at all like yours. I've also got a set Mavic r-sys they not got any tape either . take them back
  • I bought a set of these last year Jon an they had rim tape on them.think i would be taking them back as that does not look right at all mate.

    great wheels by the way definitely a good choice.
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  • 0boz00boz0 Posts: 238
    That's not what a wanted to hear, but I've been digging around and rang another mainstream shop and they had a look while on the phone and indicated that there had the same taped section, rang Mavic service UK and they said all kysium elite S had these taped sections where the holes and the weld point for the rim is due to not coming with or needing rim tape which usually would hide these points. So I'm still none the wiser.
  • Mr DogMr Dog Posts: 643
    I have a couple of sets of these wheels, both have tape in that area, albeit mine is a little smoother. The tape does indeed hide holes close to the weld, possibly clamping points during manufacture. Never had an issue.
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  • capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,508
    Can't help you with the wheels, I haven't got any.

    However, I do have the same slippers. :lol:

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  • 0boz00boz0 Posts: 238
    I thought the slippers might get a comment, they are some damn comfy slippers just not good for going at high speed.
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