CX1 Chainset Installation PF30

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Installing a CX1 Chainset to a PF30 BB Kit. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here? Have tried numerous combinations with the supplied spacers yet there still seems a gap on the non drive side.

Left Hand Arm has a 5mm spacer then next to this is the preload adjuster.
Drive side I have used the 10mm spacer then cranked up.
I've not used Wavy washer or any other spacers.

No play in chainset & equal distance from crank arm inner to chain stays both sides. However when tightening the preload adjuster there becomes a gap of 2mm seemingly then this makes the 5mm spacer redundant?

It's on a 68mm BB Shell.
Any ideas? Anybody installed a CX1 Chainset?


  • Seems I have found the answer. SRAM just aren't clear in their install instructions.

    The 5mm spacer behind the preload adjuster is not required for anything other than aesthetics. I needed the large spacer on the drive side & as the measurement either side of the chain stay is the same, seems I can either plug the gap with a 2mm spacer (for looks) or leave it...

    Nothing on SRAM's website for info on CX1 Installation. Just the standard BB30/PF30 Install notes. Which are not applicable in this case.

    All I have to do is check the chainline & if that's OK I'll leave as is. Took me a while to find info from American forums to this which is pretty poor on SRAM's behalf for Tech support.