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Need to buy new panniers - any recommendations?

pollys_bottpollys_bott Posts: 988
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We became a crime statistic a week ago with the little darlings rubbing salt into the wound by making off with their loot in my panniers. Yup, I can laugh now..!

I had the basic Altura Arrans like these ... 1000000000 which were OK, did the job. I only commute approx 8 days a month as I do continental shifts so they don't get massive amounts of wear. Not 100% waterproof in my experience but I wrapped stuff in carrier bags when it was wet. Am happy to buy another pair unless anyone can recommend anything better for around the same sort of price? Thanks.


  • Ortleib.

    More expensive but the absolute best. You can pass them on to your grandchildren.
  • I've just bough this ... nnier-bags I can't tell you if it's any good, or not, as it hasn't arrived yet. Seems good value for money though.

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  • I just went for Ortlieb. Expensive but I've been happy. Last Monday I had to walk home carrying my panniers and the top plastic strip the hooks slide along came off a bit at one end. Less than a year old. However since they're replaceable I just put the screw fixing back in and screwed it tight again, like new.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    I bought a pre-owned Ortlieb bag over two years ago, other than showing up the dirt cause it's white I can't fault it. I've had the top rail come off mid-ride but luckily never lost any bolts etc, 2 minutes later I was back riding but tightened the screws again with a small dab of blue Loctite.
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  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Another vote for Ortlieb.

    I also had a complete set of front and rear Roller Classics nicked (and got whacked on the head with a rock into the bargain) and replaced them with Carradice. They just don't seem to be as robust; the zips are not as strong, the mounting onto the rack is not as good and the material itself I do not think is as robust. They are not bad though by any means.

    The Ortliebs did seem to give the rack a rather harder time of it at the top rail in terms of wear, and the little pieces used to accomodate different rail diameters aren't very clever; I can see those getting lost.

    Have not had any problems with water ingress with either the Ortliebs or Carradice.
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  • Thanks everyone - funnily enough I had been looking quite closely through an Ortlieb catalogue before Christmas, must have had a premonition. Evans are doing a pair of Rear Rollers for £67 which seems pretty good, but I'm hoping to do some long days out on the bike this year and would want to take spare kit / food with me so am wondering whether this would be a better solution than a pair of panniers: ... -31-litre/

    Anyone used one before? Should still be plenty big enough for the commute as I don't take that much stuff to work, although looking at the dimensions I suspect the 24 litre one would suffice...
  • I got these a few years back: ... nnier-bags

    Really good value for money, fully waterproof, and both bags give you 40L.
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  • I'd just like to say that I've been using these ... nnier-bags for a couple of weeks now and I'm very impressed with them for the money. Yesterday, I rode for just over an hour in the rain, without the supplied rain cover on and was pleased to find that everything inside them was perfectly dry. I usually just use the 2 panniers, with the top bag in one of them, just in case I ever need extra storage, which I did use the other day, to carry home a dozen roses for my wife (Valentines Day). A very versatile and affordable system which I heartily recommend. :wink:

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