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Preston Park Brighton in danger of closure

davep1davep1 Posts: 823
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I am committing a sin here in as much as I am linking to a post already started in another sub-forum (Road/Track) see link below. I'm doing this because the outdoor track in Preston Park is in danger of closure due to lack of funds, and I am shocked that the cycling community doesn't seem to know about it. It was built in 1877, it's a great place to just go and do laps by yourself, never mind proper racing.

Please go to the Facebook page, just have a look at some of the great images, and sign the e-petition.

And can Bikeradar make a story about it on the News page?



  • Ber NardBer Nard Posts: 827
    Signed. Have to admit I never used it when I lived in Brighton but it'd be a shame to see it become a relic.
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