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scott road bike sizing

gubber12345gubber12345 Posts: 474
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thinking about maybe buying a scott speedster 30 road bike and not to sure about there sizing.i googled it but all i get is pics of the measurements of the bike which basically are telling me nothing TBH.

does anyone out there have one of these or any scott bike and can give me a wee pointer in the right direction size wise as which to get.....i'm 5' 9'' by the way.

i was thinking a 54 possibly.
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  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,062
    Sounds right but get a test ride as thats the only valid way to ensure you are happy.
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  • Slowmart wrote:
    Sounds right but get a test ride as thats the only valid way to ensure you are happy.
    was gonna buy over the internet slowmart so not possible mate as i was gonna down the installments route which will make it a little more feasible for me to get it.
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  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,362
    I'm 5'8 and a bit, 31" inseam and I ride a Scott CR1 in a 54cm frame with a 110cm stem. Cr1 is similar/same geometry as the Speedster I think. If you are similar height and inside leg you should be fine on a 54cm frame I'd say. Here's how mine was set up (have lowered the stem since then):
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  • norvernrobnorvernrob Posts: 1,422
    5'9, 81cm (32" or thereabouts!) inseam and ride a 54cm Foil. Scott sizing seems normal as opposed to 'small' or 'large' frames needed.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,400
    A size 54 would definitely be the best guess for someone of your height. I'm 5'9" too and the Foil in 54 is a perfect fit (and I'm really fussy about bike fit and geometry), and the sizing of the speedster is very similar. I would hazard a very rough guess that 80% of people who are exactly 5'9" could be fitted well to a Scott road bike in size 54. But you might be in the 20% of outliers and be better off with larger or smaller size.. :wink: The only way to know is by getting fitted to one and riding it, or through experience of your own fit (i.e. knowing how much reach you need to the bars, saddle setback etc).
  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,570
    I'm 5' 91/2 and I use a 54 Scott which is pretty much spot on size wise.
  • 54 would be on the top end of the scale. I would say go for 52 or 53 with a longer stem and seat post.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,400
    54 would be on the top end of the scale. I would say go for 52 or 53 with a longer stem and seat post.
    No such thing as a 53 in the Scott sizing. If you look at Scott's size chart at the bottom of this, you can see that 175cm (i.e. 5'9") is exactly in the middle of the recommended height range for a size 54, and that fits with my experience and seemingly that of most of the rest of us five-foot-niners.

    Of course the OP could be better fitted on a 52 (or a 56), but 54 is much more likely.

  • Yeah thinking 54 myself as seems to be the majority with most of you.thanks for the heads up guys :wink:
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  • neebneeb Posts: 4,400
    Do you have a bike already that fits you? You might be able to work out from that if the 54 Scott is spot on.

    Although 54 is by far the most likely size there are no guarantees because people are different. Inside leg measurement would give extra reassurance if you need to buy on-line.
  • i have a cannondale supersix 105 neeb in a 56 and although it fits fine(had a bike fit) i used to have a 55 forme axe edge which i actually thought fitted me better so now with thinking about buying the speedster just thinkin i might go down a little bit more and see how it goes.been in the LBS's and find that the 54's (different makes) dont seem that bad although i've only basically threw the leg over them....
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  • neebneeb Posts: 4,400
    Can't find any proper geometry charts for the Forme, but if you managed to get fitted reasonably OK to a slightly-too-big supersix in size 56 but preferred a smaller fit on the Forme, then the size 54 in the Scott pretty much has to be your size. A 52 would be too small, and while it's possible you might manage with a 56 Scott it would almost certainly be a bit too big just like the Cannondale, and if in doubt it's always best to go smaller anyway.

    Go for the 54.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,400
    P.S. You might think the 54 speedster seems really small when you first get it because it has a steep seat tube angle and so a shorter top tube length, but that just means you need to set up your saddle with about 5mm more setback on the speedster (your position in relation to the pedals will be the same). If you are used to a really stretched out position on the Cannondale you might need a longer stem on the speedster than the one that comes with it, but that's easy to change.
  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,332
    I am approx 5'8" (okay - maybe a tad under..), with 30" inside leg, and ride a Scott CR1 that is a 52cm.

    I had a fitting at Rourkes for a new frame in November, and the 'fitter' Gareth said that my set up on the Scott was pretty much spot on.
  • I'm 5'11, so a bit taller than you. I have a 56cm Scott Addict and 54cm Scott CR1. They are both set up very similarly i.t.o reach etc. The Addict has a zero set back seatpost.
    I just feel much more comfortable and confident on the Addict, so in my opinion 54cm should be fine for you especially since it is in the middle of the range.
    To give an idea of how they are set up:

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