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Bikeradar parts/bike swap?

chicken67chicken67 Posts: 84
Bikeradar parts/bike swap
Postby chicken67 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:11 pm

This may have been discussed although a quick search reveals nothing so I'll throw this out to you all the same.

I have often seen shiny things in the classifieds that I want but trying to justify the purchase to my wife seems harder every year especially when I have an accumulation of bits & bobs in the garage I could sell.

I'm sure their are a lot of people that use this site & are in a similar situation that would gladly do a parts swap rather than go through the hassle of selling their kit.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    In a word.


    There are swap sites out there.

    People have enough issues following the most basic of instructions to offload thier excess kit as it is.

    And then there is monitoring it. And then how do you sort out "payment" who sends what when?

    Just buy what you want and sell what you need to to keep SWMBO happy.

    Remember this is a cycling forum not a sales/buying site.
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  • Point taken about monitoring this must be your biggest bug bare & I'm guessing it's a voluntary position too?

    There would be not payment nessesary as this transaction would be on a swap only basis & the way I see it a lot of the arguments that break out in classefieds are over price with you guys trying to protect everyone's interest & getting court in the middle.
    I don't see the same rows in saddle swap.....nice clear pictures of what they have & a discription of what they would like.
    I was talking about "classifieds" which is essentially a buy/sell not the forum Nick or are we on crossed wires :oops:
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