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Hi everyone,

We're going to start regularly posting up fixes and changes we've made to the BikeRadar website and forums. Hopefully this will help you all keep up to date with what we've been doing as a development team. I'll update this list as and when any fixes or changes take place!

Fix: Images should now be displaying correctly across the website. No more grey boxes instead of intended images.
Fix: Mobile/iPad - when opening the burger menu ( ||| menu), scrolling now only effects the menu, not the background.
Fix: Zooming in and out on the website using a touch device no longer makes the page misalign/look like it's made of lego.
Fix: Survey popup on homepage now has a visible 'Close' button for iPhone and other smaller screen devices.
Fix: Links in page footer now evenly spaced.
Fix: Links in page footer now have hover states.
Fix: When loading burger (|||) menu, menu should display correctly right away without blank blue page.
Fix: Smooth scrolling enabled.
Fix: Login/Register menu is not obscured by any other menus on the navigation bar.
Fix: Menus no longer wait for all of page scripts to load, so they should be usable straight away.

We have released the slightly less risky ones today just while we ensure maintenance from yesterday is stable. Lots more to come, including various login issue fixes.

Fix: Now able to click article links using iPad

Fix: Now able again to register on desktop computers


  • Some more to update this list with:


    Fixed display issues with galleries on Safari and iOS
    Fixed the behaviour and functionality of the social media sharing buttons
    Updated the page footer in the forum
    Fixed a problem where the login popup was hidden by other navigation
    Fixed an issue with the visibility of the menu on iPads
    Added a forum favicon to browser tabs
    Improved loading performance of the main menu
    Removed excess padding between ad panels and the site footer
    Fixed issue with the search field not displaying when clicked
    Fixed issue with ‘More’ menu icon not animating consistently
    Fixed issue with the main menu not closing automatically
    Fixed an issue with article images not displaying correctly on iPads
    Fixed an issue where ads moved page content on Android tablets
    Added some improvements to pinch and zoom gestures on mobile

    Communities and On Your Bike Editor, BikeRadar
  • And the next batch:


    Updated the forum, including adding a new skin.
    Fixed a bug with image gallery displays in iOS/Safari browsers, and updated its swipe behaviour.
    Updated the way ads are displayed within the gallery – hopefully improved the way they appear to users.
    Tweaked the way social media sharing buttons work.
    Tweaked the site-wide footer and updated the forum footer.
    Fixed a bug where the login screen was hidden by the navigation menus.
    Updated the forum favicon (the icon in the browser tab)
    Fixed a bug which stopped the search box from being active when the search magnifying glass icon was clicked.
    Tweaked the menu behaviour so it closes if you click outside of its area.
    Fixed an issue where some images within articles were not displaying within articles on iPads.
    Created a temporary Video page while we work on the proper section.
    Fixed issues with Shopping Partners: links and logos were not working properly.
    Communities and On Your Bike Editor, BikeRadar
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    Couple more:


    - Fixed a problem where images stretched in the galleries on Chrome
    - Opened search box in the navigation
    Communities and On Your Bike Editor, BikeRadar
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    And the next batch:


    - Fixed a bug stopping some users from registering
    - Fixed a bug where the login pop up appeared twice, which prevented some users from logging in
    - Fixed a bug where clicking the arrows in the shopping partner panel took the user to the top of the page
    - Added page titles to the homepage (for the UK, Australian and USA)
    - Fixed the share on Twitter link so it now works, and revamped the social share button functionality
    - Fixed a bug where links to products within the shopping partner panel were not up to date
    Communities and On Your Bike Editor, BikeRadar
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