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Scott Addict owners (new version)

FishboyzFishboyz Posts: 152
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Love to hear from addict owners, specifically in terms of the old comfort factor and what kit they paired up with the frame. I'm pretty sold on the weight and geometry which should suite but heard conflicting views on compliance...I wonder how it compares to a Canyon ultimate SLX for example.



  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    I bought mine from Westbrooks in October last year so I haven't had much chance to ride it. I bought it to race on and for Sunday best. I still need to dedicate some time to setting up the position and cutting the steerer down.

    First impressions are positive. The fork does have a long steerer which means you can have a bit of stack height to raise the bars, if that's important. Like most bikes there's plenty of scope to make it as relaxed or as aggressive as you want. Other than that it's a super smooth bike to ride but also manages to be sharp and stiff, especially under load.

    Like the old Addict and CR1 where I've found the bike excels is when you point it up hill, it's just buttery smooth and urges you to go that little bit harder.

    I can't comment on long ride comfort, the longest I've done so far is 2 hrs and it felt no more/less comfortable than my Enigma. Though IMO finishing kit/set up is more of a factor over the frame itself.

    I bought the Addict 20 and replaced the stem (Deda Zero1), saddle, brakes (PX ultra light CNC), chainset (105) and wheels (Token carbon tubs). These are all parts I already had and I've managed to build a bike that's sub 7kgs. The frame lends itself to be the basis for serious upgrading. I'm looking forward to racing on it.

    The finish on the frame and forks is perfect, no imperfections or notable defects. The photographs really don't do the subtle lines of the frame justice.

    Myself and my Brothers have owned a few carbon Scotts over the years and we've never had a single issue with the frames.

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  • FishboyzFishboyz Posts: 152
    Cheers for the reply - sounds ideal
  • hugo15hugo15 Posts: 1,101
    I picked up an Addict HMX frame from Westbrooks just after Xmas. Got them to build it up with Ultegra groupset, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels and Zipp finishing kit. Was 15lbs on their scales (no pedals). No chance or riding it yet but I spend a lot of time looking at it while I'm on the turbo. Can't wait until the weather improves and I get chance to ride it.
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