Actions after bike theft?

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Had my bike nicked from my work's compound today. It's all reported to the police and I've posted on here. I'm going to post details on the registers mentioned on the excellent theft page on here. I've given police details, I'm very precise and had to stop before I gave it all up, well they had enough to identify it.

My question is what next? Should I go ahead and start bike shopping or give them a chance to find it?

It has been stolen for a tenner I'm certain. They're not bright or patient. Plus someone I know might spot it being ridden.

I want to be proactive but how?


  • Chances of recovery are minimal. Harsh but true. Go shopping, check your house insurance. Think of recovery as a bonus.
  • Chances of recovery are minimal. Harsh but true. Go shopping, check your house insurance. Think of recovery as a bonus.

    this, my wife's bikes have been stolen every few years, and I lots one a few years back, never had one recovered sadly!
  • London or major city perhaps but round here it seems recovery is more common. I know a guy who got his bike nicked, got it back again after a guy was spotted riding it in town then got it nicked again a few weeks ago.

    Small provincial city / town like ours is full of the sorts of thieving scrotes who aren't bright and often get caught selling it back to the actual owner!! Well I say selling it back, more likely giving it back with a flea in the ear. We're talking the sorts to nick a bike from their own neighbourhood only to ride it around the same neighbourhood a ferw days later. I kid you not!

    Everyone I speak to locally about this all reckon I have a good chance of it turning up, probably with the bits sold from it (no wheels, etc.). The local community support officer is pretty good too. I've had dealings with them once before and they pretty much know the area well. She is a bit of a strong character who knows the likely scrotes and those who are likely to be approached with the bike for sale.

    Of course I am a realist and am treating it as lost. This post is really just a request for ideas for something I can do to make myself feel like I have done all I can. I don't want to give up on it. I don't know about you but a bike becomes more than a piece of equipment to me.

    I have only had two decent adult bikes in 25 plus years. They have memories attached to them. This bike is a little over a year since it was bought. I got it not long after my son was born and it has been used to carry him in a child seat and tow him in a trailer on many a trip. It is my commuter and my leisure bike. The other bike is off road so I am now stuck a bit. Train and car when I can get it. I can remember so much about my trips out with the family when I have been on this bike. I've invested in it with various equipment to go along with it. I was planning a cycle tour as our main family holiday this year. Danube cycle path was the front contender. That would have meant more memories.

    Anyway, I ramble. I suppose you are right in that I should look to the positives. It has given me a perfect bike buying excuse that my other half can not deny!! Silver lining in everything, even if it doesn;t feel like it. Worst thing is it was stolen from a works yard that was believed by all to be secure. The thieves had to walk past many eyes to nick this and other bikes. We are talking a very secure yard with eyes on the two gates you have to use to get into the yard. Those whose bikes were not stolen were shocked and immediately hid them inside the warehouse. Noone now thinks the bike sheds and the yard area is secure now, which is good. Reckon there will be locked bikes from no on. Nobody locks their bikes at work. I was the only one and only stopped when I was late in and rushing. I have been locking it since I started commuting to work until a month or so ago. I am sick that I followed the herd and not my own gut feelings which is trust no one when it comes to my bike.
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    If they managed to steal a few it doesn't sound like local easy to catch scroats really?
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    keep an eye on ebay/gumtree etc...
  • They were two lads riding off on one bike each. Local scrotes I'm certain. Apparently some of the people living in the area around where I work, which was where the bikes got stolen from, said there had been an alert about bikes going missing from sheds in the area. Opportunist crimes really but really brazen about where they stole it from.

    I've signed up to Ebay and gumtree last night. I also have alerts out on it for the bike, more general alerts like the make and the generic model not the exact details. That way if the scrote does put it up with just the basics it hopefully will pick it up. I mean it only has Specialized and Crosstrail on the bike not the exact model I think.

    My next task is perhaps a walk around the area. Not from there so I will stand out like a sore thumb. Perhaps not. Although I reckon a few discrete searches online for a replacement. I'm not sure whether to replace like for like or try something different. I am unfortunate in only being able to afford one bike so it has to be everything from a fast commute (well fast for me), a bit of fun on road and easy off road and last but not least a comfortable family bike. The last means touring, carrying kids on rear seats, trailers and later on tagalongs plus very slow pootles along paths with family, wondering if a front suspension job like the crosstrail (or other make) or a fixed fork more road type or even try and find a cheap enough tourer / CX / Audax type of bike.
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    You should crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

    Too much?
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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    keep an eye on ebay/gumtree etc...
    This. Had a bike stolen and found it on the Bay 6 weeks later. I had pretty much given up on it by then and had bought a replacement. I got it back through the police, but they took a lot of pestering to do anything.
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    What bike was it, post a picture. If by chance I see it on Ebay or elsewhere I'll let you know.
  • You should crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

    Too much?

    Not enough! If you've ever had a bike nicked with the prospect of no insurance pay out I think you'll think crushing even the small bits of them isn't enough.

    The police have the guys in custody. Caught robbing bikes from a school, red handed too. The other bike that got nicked (a Genesis mtb) was recovered minus a few bits. I have not had any news about mine. His bike was an older one than mine, but more expensive when new. I understand they had swapped parts over from other bikes to hide it a bit when they sell it on.
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    Ah, good news.
  • Indeed but would be better if my bike came back too. I'm pleased for my work colleague, he's had it stolen twice now and it still comes back each time. Was stripped of a few things which annoys him but he got the expensive bit too replace back which It's good enough.

    Mine is.a newer bike and quite possibly easier to sell. Year old hybrid that's well maintained and immaculate. Well kitted.out too. If I get it back I reckon mudguards and rack will have been stripped.

    I've seen the 2014 for £395 and 2015 version for £550. That's for a direct replacement. That's from Evans cycles where I got my stolen bike from. If I need to get it they'll be able to sort out rack and guards, fitting them for free on a new bike. Might swap out the grips for ones that have bar ends for different grip options. I'd prefer a drop bar as a replacement but you have to spend £550 in one of my local shops just to get the cheapest. I don't think you get as much for money with drop handlebars bikes flat bars. My Crosstrail 27 speed cheaper than the 16 speed drop bars.

    All academic if my bike is recovered. Down to the police now. Fingers crossed. Anyone know how many stolen bikes get recovered by the police? What percentage?