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Clipping on - seated climbing effected

freestyle_gusfreestyle_gus Posts: 120
edited February 2015 in Road general
I've recently made the jump from plain shoes to spd-sl pedals and absolutely love them. Comparatively on the flat I'm like lightning!

I have noticed though that my seated climbing is not as efficient using them, I find myself up on the big cogs much sooner than before. Is it a matter of shifting my saddle back a cm or two?



  • The stack height of your new pedals is probably different; however if anything, I would expect it to be lower than a typical plain platform - i.e. raising your effective saddle height, which I'd expect to make you feel slightly more powerful, not less. (that's not necessarily to say that this is the saddle height you should be using)

    Do you feel as if your saddle height has changed? In terms of fore/aft, I don't see why you should need to reposition your saddle unless you were pedalling in a radically different position on your plain platforms. (i.e. not on the ball of your foot)
  • Thanks Simon,

    Your thoughts have confirmed many of my original feelings. I don't really feel like my saddle height has changed, in general things are feeling very comfortable and you'd think nice and efficient, hills have just become and even greater foe!

    I think I'll notch my seat post and make some small adjustments to see if that can help.

  • That sounds about right. After a week or so you may find you get used to it; the fact that you're comfortable has to count for something. Have you used a fitting system/had a bike fit, or have you just arrived at a configuration you find comfortable?
  • I Haven't invested in a bike fit. I've arrived at my current set up reading a bit of perceived wisdom, the Holmes method etc... As you say comfort counts for something!

    A bit of gentle tinkering I think :)
  • Sorted!

    Cleats moved back about 10mm. Seat dropped about 4mm.

    I can climb again :)
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