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Security Skewers

feistyfeisty Posts: 160
edited January 2015 in Road general
I want to change the skewers on my commuter/hack bike from quick release to something that might make it marginally less easy to nick my (cheapish but still hand-built) wheels from. I realise anyone with pliars / allen keys can take off a wheel with a security skewer on and I'm not looking for anything uber fancy; the aim is to deter the casual thief. (The bike is not left out locked on the street very often at all. Maybe once every 2 months for 30 mins)

I have two questions.

1. Length of skewer
There seems to be 2 length of skewer for rear wheel: 130mm and 135mm. The bike is a Ribble CX bike and the rear wheel has a 105 hub and a 10 speed cassette. Am I right in thinking I need a 130mm length and 135 mm is for MTBs?

2. Recommendations
Can anyone recommend some that are robust? As I say, less worried about fancy anti-theftness. Allen key ones would do. But I hear stories of a numebr snapping and being a bit cheap so any recommendations?



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