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Elite E-Motion Rollers

andrewthomas197andrewthomas197 Posts: 117
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Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the Elite E-Motion rollers?

I have a set of Elite Arion Mag and I was wondering whether the motion function of the E-Motion is really worth the extra money.

I do really struggle with out of the saddle stuff on the rollers I have which really limits the time I can spend on them, nice to be able to get out of the saddle just to give your backside a rest.

Anyway any experience of knowledge would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.


  • JackPozziJackPozzi Posts: 1,191
    I picked up a set a few months ago (2nd hand at a reasonable price), can only compare to Tacx Antares though. Have been using them a couple of time a week and IMO they ride better and have much more resistance than the Tacx but I suspect that's down to the rollers rather than the floating system, so your Arions are probably pretty similar. Have tried some out of the saddle stuff without falling off but you still have to be pretty careful, can't get away with full on honking!

    Main advantage I've found with the floating frame is that I can ride on tri bars which I could never manage on my tacx.

    The other thing is that they are definitely not easily portable! I've been doing a fair amount of track stuff so have had to keep the antares for taking to the velodrome for warming up, had originally planned to sell them but carrying the emotions about is not practical at all....

    All in all, I doubt they're a huge improvement over the Arions TBH, and a very expensive upgrade, so I'd definitely be looking to try a set out before shelling out if I were you.
  • de_sistide_sisti Posts: 1,229
    edited January 2015

    I've had a set since 2008. I found them easier to ride on than other rollers (a lot easier). It has variable resistance
    and I've since learned that the resistance can be altered via a remote that is attached to the handlebars.

    I found flat out riding-out-of-the saddle-efforts easy too.

    They are heavy and not very transportable. But as they stay in the same room in my house it's not a problem.
    I paid over £700 for mine, but I believe they are now made on licence by Elite for the UK market
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,038
    I too have the standard Arions but just about have enough balance about me to get out of the saddle for about 30 seconds a time.. but it is not exactly smooth transitions... certainly feels like a core exercise every time.
    I'd probably go for the Motions if you can replicate turbo style resistance to get the watts up which I have to still use the Satori for.
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