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Clarks multi-compound rim pads VERY abrasive

freestyle_gusfreestyle_gus Posts: 120
edited January 2015 in Road general
I've heard anecdotally before that these pads can be on the abrasive side. But they're fairly cheap and stopping power is decent, certainly an improvement on the Tektro pads I had on there.

Just checked my pads after less than 200 miles (see attached image). That's a fair old amount of Alu rim in that there pad!

Needless to say I've now swapped them out!


  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,851
    I had similar experience with the lifeline 'professional' brake pads from wiggle. Swapped them after just two rides due to what they were doing to the rims.

    Only ever use Swissstop now.
  • I get brake pads from disco brakes. Cheap and reliable.

    I did use those Clarks pads and had the same problems.

    Try these, they're pretty good.
  • Thanks all. I'll bear those in mind.

    Just been out for a soggy ride with some new Kool Stop's. Pretty impressed so far :)
  • buckmulliganbuckmulligan Posts: 1,031
    Yeah, it's a trade off between pad life and rim life. If you have soft rims, get softer pads unless you fancy replacing your wheels every year!
  • mugensimugensi Posts: 559
    I removed by Clarkes pads too for the same reasons and fitted Swiss stop pads which have a slightly better initial cold bite (I think)
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