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USB Dynamo?

greedy86greedy86 Posts: 17
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Morning all,

I've been doing a little research into a suitable dynamo usb charger?

Basically I'm thinking about taking a week off and doing a cycle tour of the western isles of Scotland. I was looking into possible options for charging my phone on the go?

I've researched it a fair bit but I'm finding it hard to find a good USB specific dynamo? I'm not looking at spending a lot of money nor am I all that interested in lights as i'm not planning on being out at night.

If any of you have any suggestions/recommendations/advice it will be greatfully received.


Kind Regards


  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    edited January 2015
    These do the job, and are at the cheaper end of the market (then there's the dynamo cost to factor in too): ... ones-more/

    Cheapest Shimano dynamo hub (fully functional, just heavy) and you're away.

    Edit: just done a bit of reading about the SunUp thing mentioned at the end and it seems to be pretty good value: spoke-mounted dynamo, cabling and USB converter for £80 sounds good. Pretty positive stuff on other forums too.
  • Mhmm....

    Having a Dynamo to charge my phone is a luxury rather than necessity.

    As I mentioned is tight, or at least, I am! ha!

    I don't want a hub dynamo....that would mean a new wheel, wouldn't it?

    I was just hoping for something to convert my pedal power to charge my phone - nothing more, nothing less....

    But I haven't come across anything suitable yet. Even just the old style dynamos....that have a usb adaptor.
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    I too did some research. A few of your questions are answered in here. ... ones-more/

    TBH I would just get a battery power pack and charge that where I could via mains.
  • Why not get a decent sized backup battery - I used one of these on a jogle and only recharged it once. Recharged my phone, garmin and lights with it. ... power+bank
  • Funny....I read that article too.

    Mhmm...I don't know about you guys....but surely a bike is a perfect way of generating electricity, right?

    With all the smartphones, tech etc etc available....surely someone should have come up with a cheap/efficient dynamo type product?

    Hmm....there's a gap in the market for someone to exploit....
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    I agree. There're so many moving parts and wind on a bike that there must be other and better ways than a hub based dynamo.
  • Ber NardBer Nard Posts: 827
    I agree. There're so many moving parts and wind on a bike that there must be other and better ways than a hub based dynamo.

    Problem is none of them move as much or as fast as the wheels. If it's a drive train based dynamo you'll lose charge when coasting but the wheels are still tuning so they could keep generating power.
  • OuijaOuija Posts: 1,386
    edited January 2015
    Disk brake based dynamos? Have a two ring rotor. The outer ring for brake pads and an inner ring consisting of embedded neodysium magnets and a combined (or seperate) caliper/dynamo.

    Just a thought....

    After all, you can get things like the BikeCharge dynamo for charging mobiles that fits between the wheel and fork on most wheels...


    so why not kill two birds with one stone and merge disk brake rotors with dynamo rotors?
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    Worth asking in the touring section over on the road forum - people on there might have extra knowledge/experience.
    Closet jockey wheel pimp censored .
  • It's not rocket science - you need the output of any dynamo rectified, smoothed and voltage regulated - when I was a lad that would be approximately 6 discrete electronic components (bridge rectifier, voltage regulator IC & a big capacitor).

    A very cursory glance at eBay shows item 141047869109 where some enterprising chap has packaged it all up for you. No idea what his circuit design looks like or the quality of any of his components...
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