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danny_cdanny_c Posts: 3
edited January 2015 in Commuting general
Hi everyone

I'm looking for a fast hybrid for a 4-mile ew suburban all-year-round commute, some of it on a tarmaced off-road cycle path but mostly on flat roads. I like the look of a couple of the Giant hybrids I've seen - the Rapid 3 and Fastroad SLR - but haven't managed to find many reviews on either of them - can anyone give me any pointers? ... 205/77301/ ... 204/77304/

I prefer the look of the Rapid but the disk brakes on the Fastroad are also quite appealing. I'm probably spending more than I usually would as I want something that will last, and also Giant are on my employer's C2W scheme and are offering 3 years' free maintenance. I've heard good things about Trek and Boardman bikes as well but I don't think the Boardmans are available through my particular C2W scheme. ... 4_fx_disc/

Thanks for all your help!



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