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Retro1702 - Negative, Beware

GarysworksGarysworks Posts: 83

Good Morning Richard

i have receive this in the post this morning however

Major Error No.1 -
This Helmet is Not a Kask Mojito Road Helmet

SEE wiggle web site for comparison, which shows what a Kask Helmet looks like!.

This helmet you sold me is a Bell Alchera (Alchera is written in small letters on the side of the helmet) as shown on the CRC web site here - ... -prod47059

Major Error No.2 -
Also the Box you sent the Helmet in, is labeled for a White/Silver Helmet Kask Helmet.

I believe you were trying to sell me false goods under the pretense that they where of a superior brand.

Quote from you regarding the reason for selling - “Helmet was bought spring 2014 so I'm led to believe, I'm selling for a friend who's ex-husband left her. He'd only done about 200miles on the bike so I'm guessing helmet has only been worn about 10 times or so.”

Maybe the guy headed of with the good Kask helmet too.

I have processed this complaint with the Pay Pal resolution centre

Richard I hope you have the decency to acknowledge your error and process a refund of £61 pounds plus postage of £9 so I can get this thing posted back to you


  • Sounds dodgy.
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 323
    Criminal offence if done knowingly, lack of response is worrying unless you have had one?
  • gozzygozzy Posts: 640
    Plodder73 wrote:
    Criminal offence if done knowingly, lack of response is worrying unless you have had one?

    It'd be worrying if it was a couple of days, but it was posted at lunchtime, I'd be inclined to give someone a bit more time to respond.
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 323
    Ok worrying that someone has sent a Bell helmet as a Kask, and sent it in a Kask box. Hard to imagine that is done by mistake.
  • Have you tried to sort this via pm? If not its a bit harsh naming and shaming when it could be a genuine error...just saying
  • As i paid for this item via PayPal (Goods & Services) i do have come back through the PayPal Resolution Centre.

    Always pay for items through Goods & Services – Otherwise you 'as the Buyer' will have no recourse, by paying as 'gift'

    I am extremely annoyed with this guy, but gave him the opportunity to resolve this matter through the Pay Pal Dispute resolution process.

    Here is Richards Response :-

    Hi Gary, Sorry to hear this.
    Happy to resolve, however I've genuinely not done anything underhand and have only sold on what I was given (basically this was to help a friend whose husband has done a bunk). The research I did was based on what the box said & priced to sell based on that. Are you happy to negotiate a partial refund to save the issue of sending back? You can either then re-sell on or do whatever else you want with the helmet? If you do want to send back then there's no way it's £9. It was less than £4 for me to send via Hermes to you.
    I am also not taking the hit for the full £61 as that will mean again I've lost out in paypal fees having only received £58.42 from you.
    Please consider what you want to do next.
    Thanks and regards

    My Response to this:-

    I am not paying for your mistake, Your research was very poor.
    1. This is not a Kask Helmet it is a Alchera. You where fully aware of the name on the helmet i cannot believe that you would be that stupid to research a Kask Helmet.
    2. It says a white/Silver helment on the box you supplied - you missed that one.
    3. The design of the Helmet is different you missed that.
    4. This Helmet is a Bell branded Helmet. you missed that
    5. There is no Kask name on the helmet - you missed that
    6. You advertised this Helmet as a Kask Helmet and it is Not, Partial refund my fg censored .
    7. It cost me €3.95 to provide a UK address with the Parcel Motel facility so that the postage would be cheaper for you.
    8. I live in Ireland so it will cost you €20.50 for have this posted back to you see postage rated from Ireland to UK link ... d+Post.htm
    9. Get it sorted Richard
    10. i do not intend, and Should not be absorbing any cost whatsoever for you.
    11. I do not want your cheap Helmet.
    12. You will provide the full refund -
    13. Do the right thing Richard.
  • Not as described - Claim - #PP-003-652-718-082 --- i have initiated the process (As i have been screwed) to apply for a refund through the normal channels, Following my direct response this guy has the arrogance to push to request a claim - Seller: Dispute escalated to claim 12-Jan-2015. -- Unbelievable.

    Prior to all this mess ---- His advertising photos of this Helmet where angled and not very clear. As he had advertised this Helmet as a Genuine article i took him at his word, i got a shock today when i recieved this parcel and opened the Box. No sign of the distinctive italian flag adjuster on the back of genuine Kask lids either.

    His photo bucket account 'as advertised on the top of this page' has a history of previous sales as well, including a Kask Bambino Helmet, So he seems to know his Helmets. ... le%20Jan15
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 323
    I am right on your side, looking by his photos and his previous posts on here he knows his way round bikes and certainly knows a Bell from a Kask. Is ok saying giving him the benefit of the doubt for now but there is clearly no doubt. He has committed a crime, I suggest you tell him your next step is the local police. No doubt he is reading this so the relevant legislation is Section 15 Theft Act 1968.
  • Wow, I cannot believe this 'seller' and I use that term very loosely as he is basically a thief! Falsely representing an item in the first place is bad enough but then to challenge the request for a full refund is beyond belief! Quite frankly I wouldn't mess around, I would report him to the police and let them deal with it. Most forces have units which deal with ebay and auction website fraud as it is so common nowadays.

  • I have no idea why I'm getting involved, I guess to many years being a moderator on other forums, but here goes....
    This is a forum, not a shop......
    From his response it's sounds like he was trying to resolve the issue but your response was extremely confrontational.
    I'm not saying he hasn't made a mistake (a mistake by the way your going to make a profit from I.e full pp refund + sale of incorrect helmet) but your approach to the problem hasn't help imo
    Don't was you who bought the helmet having seen the photo. Sounds like your a helmet expert, why didn't you spot it?
    As for fixedgeartester and plodder73......your both idiots if you think the police should spend resources on this and even bigger fools if you think it should got to small claims court. If he had the money for that he should have bought a new helmet in the first place
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 323
    Richiebones, I've no idea why you are getting involved as it seems you seem to be viewing this from the side of the seller. There is only one person to blame here and that's the seller, I'm sure you would view it differently if you had bought the helmet.

    I suggested a contact with the police as an option for making the seller refund the amount. as for the small claims court that is also an option and something I would consider as he would undoubtedly win and get his small court costs back, which would cost the seller and act as a deterrent from further similar activities.

    As I say I wonder what your response would have been in similar wonder scammers get away with their activities when they have people like you willing to do nothing.
    Where is the seller anyway? he seems to be absent from the forum.
  • Good Morning all,

    I have shared this information to help raise the awareness of this unfair activity, clearly being acknowledged by other users on this forum.

    My God Richie you have some opinion -

    The irony is: - The Seller is the ‘Helmet expert’, following receipt of this Helmet I had to become an ‘expert’ as you call it, to highlight the error of his ways.
    His sales photos were unclear, he used a Kask Box, to validate his sale and dupe the Buyer.
    It’s a bit strange that the seller did not spot a different brand name on the Helmet before he posted it to me!

    “If he had the money for that he should have bought a new helmet in the first place “ A new Kask Mojito Helmet is £120. I paid £61 for a “pretend Kask” 2nd hand Helmet. I never

    “(A mistake by the way you’re going to make a profit from I.e. full pp refund + sale of incorrect helmet)”
    I do not want a Bell Helmet, I do not want to be forced into selling on the Sellers ‘Mistake’ I am not making a profit from any of this! The Seller knowingly sold goods under false pretenses

    I have spent far too much time on this. Possibly this is what the Seller wants, to wear me out so I give up?

    I believe this guy (the seller) was out before.

    The Seller has raised the bar – and went a step further through the pay pal resolution process,

    Richie, maybe you have spent to many years being a Moderator.

    I have bought many things on this forum and conducted all my dealings with integrity.

    It is not unreasonable to ask for a full refund plus postage to send the helmet back to the Seller, and allow him to dispose of it himself.

    Thank you for your input fixedgeartester and plodder73
  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Keep this factual no slanging matches on here please.

    At the end of the day the seller is an a$$, and is acting like one in PayPal, I too would be livid if I had received an item like that.

    In fact last year a member tried to con me by selling me an Ergonova pair of carbon bars with poor photos that turned out to be Ergosum, I had similar grief and the seller deliberately took poor photo's claiming that he was an amateur at computer stuff, his photos did not show clearly the top of the bars.

    Fortunately I had his address and would have taken him to court if he hadn't refunded me.

    So for me Garysworks has gone down the correct route.

    I will however split this topic and move the discussion into the user feedback area and then move the advert in case Garysworks needs it in future.

    Retro1702 Now Banned
  • Thank you Velo
  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,106
    Whats the latest on this guy?
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
    Pinarello F8 with sram etap
  • I'm buying the CX tyres in this advert. The seller has been faultless. He emailed me after helmetgate kicked off (as he couldn't PM on here) to reassure me that everything was o.k and he emailed again to say that they're in the post.

    I can update here when they arrive.
  • Tyres arrived exactly as pictured & described.

    Good price, good communication & delivery, Recommended.
  • Paypal provided the refund on the 13th Jan. following an independent investigation. As i had buyer protection, have purchase this false item via 'Goods & Services'

    Retro1702 was banned by Admin. on the 13th Jan. from this forum, for his obvious misdemeanor.

    ThePeoplesChamp, you where buying tyres on the 15th of Jan. and i,m glad for you. My only guess is that you where asked to post your positive experience in this feed back forum by your seller, as you would need to go looking for this forum outside of the parts sales forum.

    I too, have recieved goods in the post, from this seller - And as Velonutter (Admin) says it was - Negative, Beware.
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