Bus Strike

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How fantastic :D

None (or very few anyway) of those horrible big red buses trying to behave like cars and being agressive to cyclists. That and the (unfortunately named) bus lanes being empty of traffic was a joy this morning. Lovely pleasant ride in this morning with the added bonus that my throat didn't feel like 30 Rothmans and a hot chilli at the end.

I'm all for more bus strikes :)


  • Gazzaputt
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    Total opposite.

    My short commute from Bexley to Belvedere in SE London was a nightmare.

    Everyone and their dog took to their cars this morning. Roads were gridlocked everywhere which meant for at least half dozen right hand turns on me and also about the same pulling a left hander without them looking.

    Roads being as soaked as they were made the situation even worse.
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    Traffic was funny for me. Jams were all in the wrong places with the areas usually snarled up by buses relatively empty. There were still a few buses running along my usual route too. That and there were some people picketing outside the Colliers Wood bus depot.
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    Agree, worse than normal, double the amount of cars, most using the bus lane to pull out into when the traffic started to queue. To many nodders deciding today was the day to start cycling. Only really enjoyed once I got to London Bridge.
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    Far better, no clogged up lanes, no susses pulling in after overtaking, and best of all no need to jump between lanes! Bus drives are more aggressive and less caring than any other road user, bar black cabs.
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    Not even in London and loads more cars than normal...
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    is that what it was, i thought there was something different this morning
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    leeefm wrote:
    Not even in London and loads more cars than normal...
    Still buses here but unusually well behaved today.
  • rolf_f
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    Is similar to a bird strike only with buses?
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    I didn't see a bus until Lewisham nick on the way home - glorious :)

    TFL said 33% of buses running as normal, which was no way true certainly down Old Kent Road and A20 to Lewisham, I would say less than 10%.