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Image Upload Problem

BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
I'm having problems uploading images due to the restrictions.
I appreciate the need due to server space etc, and while making everything small and compressing it all before uploading is a pain, I can deal with that however!

The max dimensions are 640w x 480h, but it now won't let me upload portrait orientated images, for example 480w x 640h or, in todays case, 640w by 375h.

Would it be possible to at least allow 640x480 AND 480x640? Thanks


  • VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 2,437 Lives Here
    Yes it will, it might mean your resolution is too high, use a program such as to get your image resolutions changed, I have had no problems uploading 1024x768, it's your file size you need to address.
  • BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
    No no, the resolution and storage size are fine, I'm a dab hand with photoshop and I use compression tools all the time.

    It's the orientation that doesn't seem to be allowed now, as I say, 640 tall x 375 wide and 177kb is WELL in line with the spec, it just won't take it that way up. If I spin it to 480 tall and 640 wide, and have my picture in the middle of a big block of white, that'll work. Example:
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