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Kinesis T2 winter bike

indypindyp Posts: 735
edited January 2015 in Your road bikes
I built this a few weeks ago although wheels only just replaced, still need to cut steerer and probably change the seatpost at some point. It's a great ride and very comfortable, especially with 25mm tyres. Most components and parts were handed down so needed new hubs, spokes, brakes and few other small bits to complete. I fancied a change from black or blue even though it's not the best choice for winter.


  • Mine's on its third winter. Still love it. Proper wet weather bike.
  • pnevpnev Posts: 236
    Nice bike, but as always with self builds, shifters in the wrong position... Far too low

    Lovely bit of kit though
  • bondurantbondurant Posts: 858
    'As always with self builds'? Eh?
  • indypindyp Posts: 735
    I did notice yesterday the shifters were too low and I'm not sure why I did that - now adjusted. It's only the second road bike build I've completed so a novice only and learning all the time, so thanks for pointing it out. I'm sure a more experienced cyclist would have built them correctly from the off. :)
  • Coach HCoach H Posts: 1,092
    Pnev wrote:
    .................. shifters in the wrong position... Far too low

    Don't bother looking at anything ridden by Sean Yates then
    Coach H. (Dont ask me for training advice - 'It's not about the bike')
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