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Clear Lenses

smiley_boy2501smiley_boy2501 Posts: 126
edited January 2015 in Commuting chat
I'm vain but I don't care. I'd like some at less than £30 that look halfway decent. Any offers?


  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Bollé contours @ ~£7 and £23 saved?
    Have a squint here for a fair range - £30 would get you a reasonable selection.
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  • Got the bolles. Scratched quickly and look meh. I'll look through that site though cheers
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,989
    have a look over at planet-x i picked up several different types from £5 to £8 actually lenses and not just plastic.
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