Sectuer brake calipers long or std?

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Anyone know if Specialised Secteur's use long or std drop calipers? Mine is a 2013 elite frame but AFAIK they are all the same (bar the disc versions of course!). I phoned Specialised Store and they reckon its probably std but weren't 100% sure and said fit it and see but I don't want to do that as if the new ones don't fit I want to be able to return them to Planet X for refund and so I reckon I can't fit them.

I have checked the Sheldon guide on how to measure drop but I cant see how its possible to get an accurate measurement of the caliper as it seems to depend on how wide open it is and how the pads are angled - variables - which I cant work out how to control to be able to accurately compare new calipers (SRAM Force) and old OEM unbranded. Any advice much appreciated. Is it possible its my lucky day and someone out there has replaced calipers on this bike and knows for sure?


  • jp1970
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    Should be standard drop ... My 2011 elite is.....
  • jameses
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    Pretty sure they are standard drop - I replaced mine (on a 2011 model) with Ultegra 6600 callipers and I don't think they made a long drop version of those.
  • Fantastic folks many thanks to you both very much appreciated - JamesEs Ultegra 6600 are std drop so defo good to go with my new Force brakes tommorow.