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2015 Giant Defy Advanced 2

JMcP92JMcP92 Posts: 339
edited February 2015 in Your road bikes
So if you've seen my previous thread about my 2013 Giant Defy 1, I was saving up and looking at getting some Chinese carbon wheels, then began to think better of it seeing some of the feedback saying sometimes they're fine, sometimes they explode etc.
Regardless, I kept saving and thinking what to do, then I walked into my LBS one day for a browse, this bike showed up, I started asking about it and they knocked a fair chunk of RRP because I'm a regular, I couldn't really say no. Goodbye bank balance, I shall miss you.


Spec is absolutely bog standard as I picked it up yesterday:

Fame: Giant Advanced-grade composite (M/L)
Fork: Giant Advanced-grade composite
Wheelset: Giant P-R2 disc
QR's: Giant
Tyres: Giant P-R3 25mm
Headset: Giant
Stem: Giant Connect
Handlebar: Giant Contact
Tape: Giant
Crankset: Shimano RS500 (34/50)
BB: Shimano
Rear Mech: Shimano 105
Front Mech: Shimano 105
Cassette: Shimano 105
Chain: KMC X11
Shifter: Shimano 105 STI
Brakes: TRP Spyre, Mechanical disc, 160mm
Seatpost: Giant D-Fuse, Composite
Saddle: Giant Performance Road
Pedals: Shimano 105
Weight: 8.4kg (18.5lb)

Thus far, absolutely loving it. I'm not too experienced with road, the only other road bike I've ridden for extended periods of time is my previous Defy, but damn this is certainly a step forward.
Comfort wise, this is leagues ahead of the old Defy, it is more composed, stiffer, lighter, and just feels nicer, some of this however may be down to the saddle as it is very padded and soft. Of course, some of this added comfort will also be down to the fact I went from 23 to 25 tires, but still, it's great. Also, I know some may well disagree, but disc brakes are so definitely worth it, so much more confidence inspiring, more stopping power, nicer feel, just wonderful.


Additionally, now I've ridden 11spd, I'll never go back, just gives you that little bit extra at where you need it, also seems to allow more moving up and down the cassette while still on the big ring, which just makes things a little easier with traffic. The new 105 also feels a lot nicer ergonomically than the previous gen on my older Defy.

All in all, it still needs a little fettling to fit me just right but the bike is wonderful, I'm a happy man :)


  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Discs are the way forward. I bet it is great fun to ride.
  • bails1310bails1310 Posts: 361
    Really like these, looks far better in ththe flesh that sales pics.

    Compared to the Trek disc equivilant its a no brainier.

    How tall are you, and do you know if it will take any sort of guards?

    You can't take money with you, I think you've spent it wisely, very nice bike, hope you enjoy it.
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  • ACDC271ACDC271 Posts: 36
    You've been very lucky to get hold of one, ordered a Defy Advanced Pro 1 in medium this week from my lbs, they might be able to get me one for week 4 :D otherwise it's looking like week 20 :(
  • JMcP92JMcP92 Posts: 339
    bails1310: Just checked, no guard mounts anywhere, so not as standard. I'm quite sure it could be bodged with the brake-less seat stays, but no standard mounts. Also, I'm 6ft with a 32" inseam and this seems to fit me well. I've moved down from an L old Defy, to this one being an M/L. The reach is a little shorter and the drop is of course more, so getting used to a different position, but it does fit me better.

    ACDC271: I hear it is difficult to get them in the UK at the moment. I'm in NZ at the moment and you can just walk in and pick one up here, but trust me, when you gets your, worth the wait, wonderful :)
  • ajkerr73ajkerr73 Posts: 318
    ACDC271 wrote:
    You've been very lucky to get hold of one, ordered a Defy Advanced Pro 1 in medium this week from my lbs, they might be able to get me one for week 4 :D otherwise it's looking like week 20 :(

    I ordered an Advanced Pro 1 in mid December in XL and it came in a week :-)

    It's hanging in the wall awaiting finer weather!
  • the_fugglerthe_fuggler Posts: 1,228
    Still a big fan of a Defy. They do look great in the flesh.
    FCN 3 / 4
  • ACDC271ACDC271 Posts: 36
    Ajkerr73 wrote:

    I ordered an Advanced Pro 1 in mid December in XL and it came in a week :-)

    It's hanging in the wall awaiting finer weather!

    Just Checked Giant UK and they now have stock of the Advance Pro 1 in both med and XL and looks like a lot of online shops are also expecting stock end of Jan, so next week is looking good for me :D
  • JMcP92JMcP92 Posts: 339
    My only recommendations for changes thus far are the rotors. I live in quite a hilly area, but I've taken them badly out of true very quickly. I'm going to replace them with some XT Ice-techs. Would prefer to run the XTR's but they're centre lock only, and on this version of the bike the hubs are 6 bolt, so XT floaters will do just fine, and would come out of true without a lot of trying. Not an issue you'll have on the Pro model, if I recall that run's 140mm XTR Ice tech floaters
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    Lovely :D
  • JMcP92JMcP92 Posts: 339
    Today, to my great dismay I found out quite how well the bike handles a 30mph head on impact with the side of a car, unfortunately I didn't come off too well. Amazingly, the front wheel is still straight and true, with the tyre still holding air, however there are some other issues I can't really overlook


    As for context of the crash, here we go:
    So, I came out of a side road about 300-400m away from the crash site. onto an uphill section so change up a few gears and stand up on the pedals to get some speed up the hill to carry over the top. There is a car in a side road to my left, but they're sitting there since before I pulled out of the original side road, and I have my lights on, it's still pretty bright out and I have reflective gear. A car is pulled up behind them which may not see me, so I hover the brake as it is passing behind the original car, and so may not see me.
    I'm just about to pass the original car that has been sitting there for a little bit, where about 10ft infront of me, they pulled out, clearly having not seen, and I went straight into the side with nowhere to go. I was winded for a little bit, police and ambulance were called by bystanders, though they did all the checks on me and confirmed I was fine, though still took me to A&E. Police were good, talked to me briefly, told them as I have explained about, they confirmed it with the driver who agreed this was the case, though she was in more shock than me it seemed, and then I got taken to A&E so unsure of much more.

    The crash also broke my phone, so I'm about $3,500 out of pocket, which is really not good, however apparently the driver has insurance which will cover their damages to me too, which is a relief, and means this bike will get replaced with the same again, as will my phone.

    As for me, battered and bruised, couple of stitches and on crutches for a few days with badly bruised legs (no broken bones, which is good) so generally I am fine.
    I hit the car with enough force that I destroyed the right front quarter, bent the A-pillar the smashed the screen, given the A-pillar damage, I'm pretty sure I wrote off a car with my face, which I'm considering an achievement.

    I have already been contacted by the driver, who apologised profusely and was still crying. I told them not to worry, as lets be honest, we all cycle on the road, these things can/will/do happen, and it seems they've already lodged a claimed with their insurance, so shouldn't be too much of a problem going forward.
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 326
    Glad you are ok, and also that the driver is doing the right thing( apart from her driving) and you will get a shiny new bike, you should ask the insurance company to buy the old one for spare parts. Get well soon.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Very glad to hear you are OK. You are obviously built of tough stuff!

    Make sure their insurance pays for EVERYTHING.

    Shame about the bike too :p
  • bails1310bails1310 Posts: 361
    Not good, but at least you ok.
    Shame about the bike, but it is just a bike.

    Get back on it as s on as you can.

    All the best.
    Kuota Kharma Race [Dry/Sunny]
    Raleigh Airlite 100 [Wet/Horrible]
  • sorry to read least you live to tell the tale. I've had similar and there's nothing you could have done to prevent it.

    Hope that her insurers play ball and that the shock of the accident makes her take more care in future.

    You'll be off the bike (on the road that is) for a few weeks as the bruising will really kick in over the next few days. Try a light spin on the turbo if you can ahem.......get your leg over (the top tube)........
    take care, J
  • JMcP92JMcP92 Posts: 339
    Thanks for all the kind words guys, I should be alright, already walking without a crutch again, though stairs are near impossible, however give it a couple days and I'll be all good.

    Couple more bike pics:


    Can't be seen too well, but the mechanisms of the shifters are also unsurprisingly shattered, so they're certainly gonners


    Nothing special round the back, just somehow the front light was totally fine where the back light dismantled itself, as Elon Musk said regarding the Space X landing, my bike had a RUD - rapid unscheduled disassembly.

    As for progress, other party gave me a claim number, contacted the insurance who just need some photos and paperwork, which isn't a problem and should hopefully be ok. Will have to wait till Tuesday to hear back from them on what/when/how it'll go, but hopefully, won't be a problem.
    Now, if I could just conquer those stairs...
  • Wow some photos and description you posted here,

    wishing you a speedy recovery and chance to go again on a fresh bike!
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