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What groupset for a TT bike?

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 9,762
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Morning all,

I will want to be kitting out my recently purchased Planet X Exocet 2 frame in the spring.

Limiting factors is that I have some chinese carbon wheels which will only take a 10 spd cassette, which rules out 105 5800 for example.

I do have a 105 5700 groupo hanging about, but it's a compact, and I think my brother will make more use of it as he needs a new groupset on his CAAD 3.

So I started wondering if it made more sense to look lower down the groupset range, especially as mileage is obviously going to be a lot lower than a normal roadbike, and in theory perhaps something 2 rungs down from 105 is now as good as 105 was say 4 years ago..........?

What about a Tiagra Double 10spd setup - decent idea?

The only downside that I can see, and it's purely an aesthetic one, is that the bike is all black, and the cheaper groupsets just seem to come in silver, and a black groupo would look nicer to my eye.

The 105 5700 is now more pricey than the 5800 so makes zero sense, unless prices plummet, but looks unlikely.

I have a load of Shimano tools, so don't want to consider Campagnolo (Aside from the wheels not being compatible) - is SRAM worth a look, or will that require additional tools? I know the cassettes will fit on Shimano wheels etc etc.

Or as I will be using dedicated TT shifters and brakes, perhaps there is an argument to source all of the bits seperately - not sure if that saves any money or not, as presumably I can sell the groupset shifters/levers with ease.
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