Fulcrum Racing Quattro or Campag Scirroco 35's

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Evening all, just bought my new Propel 1 and want to upgrade from the stock wheels for the Sportive/Tri season, both the above wheelsets are around the same price at the moment so was wondering if anyone was riding these wheels and your thoughts. I have a budget of around £250ish (including new cassette, tyres and rubes) so a set of Zipp's are unfortunately out of the question :(

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  • They're both more or less the same wheel with different branding.
  • Thanks raisenberry777, do you know if they are any good ?

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    I also have a propel 1, do you think either of these are much of an improvement over the stock pa2 giant wheels? I like the look of the Quattro myself
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    I've had a set of Scirocco's for about a year and a half now. In my opinion they were a great choice as an upgrade from the stock wheels that came with my Bianchi Via Nirone - lighter, definitely stiffer, look great (the most important aspect obviously) and seem to hold their speed very nicely. All marginal gains at best I'm sure, but I've been very happy with them and they've been bombproof so far...
  • Thanks for all your advice guys,I thought they would be an improvement over the PA2's , perhaps I will run them for s while and save up for some better carbon wheels !!
  • What about these Mavics?

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mavi ... 50week2_(1)&utm_content=&_$ja=tsid:41391|cn:ENG_08_01_15_50week2_(1)
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    What about these Mavics?

    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mavi ... 50week2_(1)&utm_content=&_$ja=tsid:41391|cn:ENG_08_01_15_50week2_(1)

    Decent shout - BC Membership with the onetime code would knock that down to £234 AND it comes with tubes and tyres.
    Plus going through Quidco would knock around another £5 off.
    Pretty sure you can get a cassette and stay within the realms of £250.
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    I have Quattros for 2 years now and love them. I've done approx 5000kms on them so far and they have never needed adjustment or service. The freehub is virtually silent, they spin easily/freely and are suitably stiff for my use (sportive/recreational spins) I have considered Zondas several times as I love the look of them but I cant bring myself to change the Quattros for the sake of 200grms as i genuinely dont believe it would make any difference.
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    Check out the sales. Ribble had scirrocos for £145 a week ago and quattros were around £210 on some sites. I keep meaning to upgrade from the F5s and chazh may have made my mind up (I too have the V7). Never heard anything bad about these wheels on either the forum or in the magazines.
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  • 30-35 mm narrow rims are the worst of both worlds: they don't give you any aerodynamic advantage as the rim is not deep and fat enough to deflect the air flow away from your spokes... a simple fluid dynamic model will give you a clue. The only advantage is the spokes are 10 mm shorter than a shallow rim and that equates to a reduction of frontal area of less than one square inch... worthless. On the other hand they are deep and steep enough to give you grief in pronounced cross winds.... in fact the deep V shape handles cross winds worse than a deeper rounder rim like a Zipp 303, HED Jet or similar. If you can handle it fine, otherwise, just hassle. They might be stiffer than the equivalent shallow rim, but that has to be assessed, as other factors influence stiffness too.

    If you want deep, go deep, if you want light, go light... these are no surf and no turf IMO... that said, people like them...
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    Ugo is correct, and deeper is mostly right on a bike like this, 50s probably.

    Plus, people buying 'ever so slightly better than entry level' 50mm wheels to go on something like a Propel 1 are really doing it to get the look that matches an aero frame like that. You're really buying into the pretty heavy 50mm clincher territory which has many compromises on all sorts of levels. If it looks like what you want it to look like though then fair enough, a Propel is one of those bikes that at least looks a bit out of sorts without deep sections.

    I'm sure a lot of people are in this position when buying entry level aero model bikes.
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    Good deals here on carbon clinchers:
    http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/deals-of ... ano-134841

    (link says 10sp but it also has 11sp)
  • Thanks fir all your advice guys, maybe save up a while konger and get some decent 50mm, really appreciate your assistance as always.
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    Good choice, save up and get something in a better league. Especially as you said your £250 would include Tyres and Tubes and a new Cassette, those alone could easily swallow the best part of £100!

    Try to at very least double your budget then start to see what options there are then.
  • Maybe Campag Bullet 50's later in the year :-)
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    Just bought a pair of bullet 50s in the wiggle sale, it'll be summer before I use them though. All my very extensive research led me to a choice between them and Mavic Cosmics, the 50s were slightly lighter but more expensive.
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