Press Fit Bottom Bracket BB-91 Replacement

Stevo C
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My bike (Scott CR1) is in urgent need of a new bottom bracket. Seeing as press fit bottom brackets don't have a wonderful reputation for longevity, I'm thinking of buying the tools so that I can do it myself this time and then probably again in 6 months time and so on. I know you can improvise with pieces of wood - but this is my best bike and I'm nervous.

Can anyone suggest a source for reasonably priced tools? Superstar have the removal and insertion tools for around £55 and CRC do the bottom bracket for £17





  • dj58
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    The genuine Shimano press fit tool is on offer a Wiggle. ... tion-tool/ That plus the Superstar Comp. BB86 removal tool should do.
  • mamba80
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    i have the Parktools one from Koo bikes, i think it was £30 and comes with the insert washers as well but you ll need a threaded bar and some nuts.
    I have found the PF BB-91 to be really reliable on a mtb (lasts about 12months in the sort of xxxx a road bike would nt see) just use some silicon grease around the cups first or it squeaks.