Campagnolo Croce d’Aune hubs

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I've got a couple of almost mint Campagnolo Croce d’Aune hubs which I intend to build up with some Ambrosio Nemesis rims. Whilst they spin very smoothly, I want to service them before they're laced up. As I've never worked on a Campagnolo hub before, are there any tips or words of wisdom before I start?


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    Campag hubs of that era are really easy to take apart. They are the same as most standard cup and cone hubs but I find the high quality bearings and construction makes them easier to adjust than lower end hubs. Use a decent pair of cone spanners to adjust so that there's just a tiny bit of play which will vanish when the QR is tightened. Take it all apart, clean with a solvent, pack cups with grease, insert the balls and re-assemble and adjust.

    Other than a dust cover, these older Campag hubs are unsealed so need regular maintenance. The Croce d'Aune have a greasing point covered by a spring clip in the centre of the hub barrel. It's an easy job to re-grease using a needle-pointed grease gun. You can get those cheap from Halfords or LBS. Pump until clean grease appears round the edge of the dust cover. In my experience, the first thing that goes on these older hubs is the cones which get pitted. So it's well worth keeping the hubs greased. I used to get replacement cones from specialists like Mercian and a packet of high quality balls from a bearing specialist.
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    Thanks for the feedback, sounds nice and easy, so thats Saturday evening sorted out.