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Good evening everybody.

I have been looking at getting a TT frameset but want to keep the price down. I have seen the PX Stealth pro frameset for circa £400 and the only other thing I can see close to this price is a Ribble which does not really appeal to me.

Is there anything else out there someone could suggest? I have looked on ebay and not really found anything for my size. I would need around 50/52cm frame. I do not want to go any higher than £500 if I can absolutely avoid it.

Does anyone have the PX stealth pro and what are your thoughts on it?

Many thanks


  • cougie
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    The stealth has been raced in the Tour de France under other stickers.

    If it fits you it's a great frame set. You see plenty of them in races all over the country and Europe too now.
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    What about the alloy Ribbles? They do a few TT specific ones that aren't overly expensive. My Argon 18 E112 was pretty high end at time I owned it but it was quite heavy too, so I wouldn't worry about going alloy over carbon, a good position and training will be just as beneficial.

    Other than the PX I would suggest keeping your eyes out in the classifieds….
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  • If you keep a good eye out and speak to TT mad club mates you might be able to pick up a second hand frame.
    There can be a bit of 'kit snobbery' in the TT scene where people only want the latest kit, so you can get perfectly good older stuff at bargain prices.

    It's unlikely that they will be as aero in a wind tunnel as the latest frames, but they will still have the aggressive positioning that makes the most difference (the rider makes most of the drag)- and even the old alloy frames from the late 90's/ early 00's can be lighter than the modern carbon equivalents and still be supremely stiff. You won't find any concessions to comfort/ vibration damping but then you'll be suffering in a TT anyway :lol:
  • slowbike
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    I recently bought a secondhand TT frame for not much money - there are quite a few about and unless you're chasing down the last milliseconds they'll be just as fast for you ...

    There's a chap at our club who is (reportedly) buying a high end TT bike for 100 times the price I paid for the frame of mine ... I still expect to be faster than him. I'm not belittling his choice - I'd love to have the money to do it, but I don't and he's not expecting to magically go faster either ... I suspect his bike will look better than mine though ;)
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    I'd imagine the differences between TT frames themselves would be almost immeasurable in the real world. Theres not much to them is there - compared to the huge bulk of the rider and wheels.
  • Anonymous
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    thanks for the feedback. I was more after if anyone knew of any deals online that may be worthwhile looking at.

    I will be building it up myself so just a half decent frame and a budget price is all I am after.