Fair Price for Cervelo S1 w/ full 105?

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Hi all,

Would appreciate a quick bit of guidance from anyone with experience owning/buying a Cervelo S1. I'm looking to move up from a well worn Caad 8 to something quicker and have found one of these in excellent nick. It has full 105 (5800 2015) and 3T Ergonova Team Carbon handlebars. No crashes, no cracks. I'm looking to buy without wheels.

This is on eBay if anyone wants to take a look - it's a 56. I won't post the link for fear of breaking rules. I think the asking is reasonably fair (c. £1,000) but want to check with anyone who's recently sought one of these.

Many thanks in advance for any hints.


  • DeVlaeminck
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    I think they will struggle to get anywhere near that if they put it in for an auction.
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  • imposter2.0
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    What makes you think the bike is 'quicker'..?
  • paxington
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    slightly at a tangent but perhaps worth considering ....Recently picked up a Brand new CAAD10 2015 with full 5800 For under£1100 with some fairly gentle bartering....