Turbo Training - Cadence or Resistance

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Just a quick, simple question: When training on a turbo trainer am I better off spinning a relatively small, easy gear or maintaining a smaller cadence, but with a higher, tougher gear?
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  • njee20
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    Depends what you're trying to achieve.
  • In general you want to be turning as hard a gear as you can at your normal riding cadence. But that's just for baseline stuff obviously you want to vary your efforts.
  • njee20
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    Why do you want to be doing that? What if you're doing a recovery session? Or trying to increase your cadence?
  • WindyG
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    As above it depends on what you want to achieve, I downloaded various training plans and work to whatever is best at that point in time, sometimes I mix it up just to make it a little bit more interesting.
  • ddraver
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    Download some Sufferfest Vids, they re roadie but will give you a good basis to get started with and make the terrible boredom of turbo training a tad less terrible
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  • njee20
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    Strava Premium membership now includes Sufferfest vids, and may be a better use of your money if you have wider training aspirations.
  • diy
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    To be honest there are plenty of free turbo sessions on youtube that are as good as sufferfest. As a general guide (if you don't have a specific training goal) I would say:

    - Do intervals rather than a constant pace - this will give you more benefit per hour so to speak.
    - If you want to improve sprinting speed then train at above target cadence
    - always work to a moderate resistance or above even when doing 120+ rpm as this reduces injury
    - Look at your HR to work out the benefit of the exercise (e.g. don't let it drop off in "work" phases)
    - warm up (at least 3-5 mins), load up at least another 3 mins (higher resistance), finish: cool down at least 1-2 mins Stretch at least 3-5 mins : quads, calf, hams, lower back and shoulders minimum.