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Best Commuter bikes?

fpharryfpharry Posts: 3
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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to get myself a commuter bike (ie road/hybrid) through the C2W scheme and would really appreciate some advice. I've done a lot of research but as a relative bike novice, I've become a bit lost. Can't see the spokes for the wheels, you could say.

I will do a 20-mile round journey approx 3 times a week for most of the year (including winter, ice permitting). The route is generally on-road, but with a couple of dirt tracks that do a good job of covering the underside of the bike in mud during wet weather. Pannier rack and mudguards are essential.

I could go for something up to the £1000 mark, but I'm primarily looking for something that's good value. So if I can spend a lot less and still get something that will do the job for many years, is good to ride, is durable, and requires little maintenance, then I'd be delighted.

If it's useful to know, I've been riding a Raleigh steel frame bike for the past few years, which has served me well. (Bought for about £150 five years ago with little upkeep since required).

A few bikes I've seen that appear to be options (all towards the upper end of the price bracket) include:

GT Grade Alloy 105

Whyte Dorset

Boardman Hybrid Team

Trek Soho 4.0


  • You have a mix of flat and drop bars in there, this is something you will have to decide on which you prefer.

    You've already picked up on needing mudguards & I notice the bikes have disc brakes which is a safe bet for all weather braking.

    Personally if you are wanting to keep within your C2W scheme budget of £1000, buy a bike for less than £900 and then you can top up with clothing/basic tools/puncture repair kit/lock/ mudguards etc etc.

    As for which bike to buy, try out as many as you can and pick the one that feels best for you, I made a shortlist earlier this year and bought on what seemed best on paper, I was wrong, feel/fit & customer service is key.
  • Thanks for the comments. If it helps, I can also note that my commute is fairly hilly, but nothing extreme. So I would like something fairly nippy and capable of coping with some hills without destroying my knees.
  • A cyclocross bike will be a good choice, I commute to Sheffield & often through the Peaks on my route to work, I've found a 36/46 chainset and 11-32 cassette gives me all the gears I need for when I'm loaded with clothing/food/drink etc.

    I have a bad knee, I damaged it in a motorcycle accident & now have very little muscle/strength & due to this I have to take care not to push too hard or it causes my achilies tendon to hurt too.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    A CX bike does seem the obvious choice if you want to ride drops, there are some good fast flat barred bikes but those with room for wider tyres and guards are restricted.

    What C2W scheme does your employer use? That may limit what you can get somewhat!
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    If I was after a strong utility bike for not a lot of cash I'd struggle to get past the Revolution Country Traveller or Country Explorer from Edinburgh Bikes. Don't know if they do C2W though.

    EDIT: They will accept CycleScheme certs if that's what you employer's using?
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