Too much play in rear shifter

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I have a Shimano 105 GS. I've noticed recently that there is too much play/travel in shifting into the smaller rings in the cassette.

On my other bike shifting is nice and easy, a little touch and it clicks and changes. On this one I have to push quite hard and the lever has to travel far further on order to change gear.

The cables were changed fairly recently and it's been cleaned and degreased and I have re-indexed the gears. They're changing correctly, but I still have to push far harder on the lever than I used to.

Is it possible to adjust this, or will I have to change-out the cable.
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  • dj58
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    What mileage have you done with the RD/Shifters? When you changed the shift cables did you replace both the inner and outers? Was it shifting any better before you replaced the cable/s?
  • mattsaw
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    The shifters are probably a couple of years old, so around 8000 miles.

    Only the cables were changes around 2 months ago and I didn't notice any real improvement in the ease of shifting.

    It's only the RH shifter that has the problem, the LH is fine
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    Undo the bar tape and re check the cable routing around the bars and also double check you have used the optimum cable insertion point in the shifter. If you check the shifting when the cables are not taped and it is easier, then you know where the problem is.