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Garmin 200 navigation question

KingOfTheTailwindKingOfTheTailwind Posts: 644
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I want to try out the breadcrumb trail navigation on my Garmin 200. I'll be using a GPX file I found on Map My Ride. But that ride has a different start point than I'll be using - I'll be joining the GPX route after a few miles. Will the 200 be able to cope with this? How will it work?


  • As long as you know the way to some point on the route, the 200 will just pick up the course when you reach it from wherever you join it, and show you which way the course goes from there.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,928
    Be prepared to be underwhelmed. The 500 breadcrumb tracking is pretty rubbish so I don't expect the 200 to be much better. The problem is that you get no advance warning of turns...except a warning when you have just missed one! There was a useful site that allowed you to set a default warning distance, say 100m, but the mapping stopped working when the GPS provider updated some time ago.

    It doesn't bother me as I never bought the 500 for routing; It works well at what it is supposed to do which is everything else.
  • Yeah it looks very basic. But I sort of know the route, there's just a few roads I don't know so it might work OK for this type of ride. Cheers, I'll give it a go!
  • Or just plan your own route from your home and upload that to the 200.
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  • city_boycity_boy Posts: 1,616
    Bobbinogs wrote:
    The problem is that you get no advance warning of turns...except a warning when you have just missed one!

    Just like driving the car with the wife doing the map reading :)
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  • ForumNewbieForumNewbie Posts: 1,664
    I have a Garmin 200 and a 500 but they are not Sat Navs, so when I don't know the route I take a map or a copy of a map page with me.
  • I got a 200 in the summer as I wanted to extend my routes. It is very good for a starter. I planned the ride on Strava using the route planner then uploaded the gpx file and it was great. I did routes right out in the sticks, had no idea where I was. I just followed it and it worked a treat.

    Top tip is to give the route a once over on satellite view. I occidentally forces the route to cut out a detour and send myself does a 1/4 mile woodland path that I ended up walking.
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  • bflkbflk Posts: 240
    The files are just xml and if you download the gpx version you can just open it in any text editor and rearrange the points so that it starts where you want. Otherwise as others say it will pick up wherever you join the route but the countdown to the finish will not be helpful. I've done this on a 200. It took a couple of tries to get the exact right start point at the top.
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