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Replacing battery on Pioneer Powermeter (Gen 2) - Problem

pprendevillepprendeville Posts: 51
edited December 2014 in Road general
Have a generation 2 Pioneer powermeter and was out on a ride on Saturday. Got a warning saying the battery was low. Then I started getting a low power reading of roughly half so the left crank battery had gone completely.

Only had the time to change batteries yesterday but when I did (with CR2032 Renata batteries on both left and right cranks) the cranks are not communicating with each other.

Just a quick summary of what I'm seeing. After installing fresh batteries in right and left units a green LED lights up in both units for about 10secs. After pressing the button (les than a 2 sec push) in the right transmitter it flashes green 5 times followed by 5 red flashes. Left LED doesn't light up at all. Have had a look at documentation from the Pioneer website. On P8 of the SGY-PM910_Installation Manual it says that if the right transmitter flashes 5 times pairing between the left and right transmitter has failed.

Anyone with a Pioneer unit experience this before when replacing batteries? Have had no problems up to this point with the unit.
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