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2014 Scott foil HMX 10 - future proof?

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Dear all,

I currently have DA9000 and am considering buying the above frameset but it's not the the Di2 frameset from what I can tell. What I'm trying to gain advice on is whether I'd be able to put on electronic groupsets such as Di2 in the future?

Here is a link to a stated Di2 foil frameset: ... 13-p253980

Any help and advice is much appreciated!


  • Pick up the phone to Westbrook - they're generally very helpful
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  • cswitchcswitch Posts: 261
    I recently bought this frame from Westbrook. I believe you need to drill a hole or at least widen up an existing hole(s). I think I came across a couple of online posts about this - try a google search. I'm pretty sure it would void the warranty. I don't know why manufacturers can't just start to make the frames compatible for both, at least top end frames. I know some do such as BMC.
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