Cannondale EVO 6 OR BMC TMR02

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a new bike to get me more inspired for next year.

I was looking at the Cannondale evo 6 with 105 and there are some good deals con last years model as well

However Evans have 10% of the BMC TMR02 Time machine which I know is an aero bike but I just really like it and looks like a good bike.

any help or thoughts appreciated



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    Buy the bike that 'inspires' you more...
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    I looked at the evo 6 and I think this time the new one is better value than last year's. If you are looking at the 105 there is about £300 difference and the 2015 has 11 speed 105 compared with 10. It also has slightly better wheels and what I think is a better colour scheme. Several companies seem to have done a slightly better spec this year at a keener price.

    For the BMC I think that reduction is an indicator that their price was off the pace to start with. I was interested in a BMC last year, but they sold out and I was put off by some negative comments in forums about warranty issues on frames. They look very good though. was the one I fancied last year.
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    It might be worth thinking about what you are trying to be inspired about? Both the bikes you list are aimed at the racing market so will be slightly more 'snappy', direct in feel and very agile at the cost of the more usual endurance features that come with a longer wheelbase, more upright position and (usually) a smoother ride.

    What bike are you riding now and what makes you not ride it as much as you want to? If it is the weather then perhaps dropping £1k on some decent winter wear and/or a week break in the Algarve might get you back out and fired up? What about signing up for some early season targets like a nice european sportive to get you out and training when the ice clears? How about joining a club or looking for a riding buddy? Pros and cons in that, but one doesn't have to make an exclusive choice (I do a lot of group and solo rides, sometimes I even start in a group and end up solo :wink: ).

    Just listing 2 similar bikes and asking folks to pick the one they like most won't get you much further...except the inevitable "you should buy a Canyon" post.
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    Not this years bike, but a BMC team machine as per page 3 of the "what £5000 bike" thread would inspire me ....... Ok, chuck another £400 on for nice wheels, seat, she, etc, but then you're looking at nigh on £2,000 for a pro frame, Ultegra di2' etc etc etc.

    Worth a gander?
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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
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    Another way of looking at it - if you need a new bike to 'inspire' you to ride, then maybe cycling is not for you....
  • Hi

    I am currently riding a specialized Secteur and want to upgrade to something a little more sporty for the spring

    my current bike is great and especially good this time of year, but just want to push a little harder in the spring summer and was looking at the tarmac but these two also seem good value and some thing to give me a little kick to get my fitness to the next level