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Winter Jacket For Commuting

Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
edited January 2015 in Commuting chat
Hello all, I trust you all ate to much turkey and had to many mince pies!

This winter I have decided to stop f4rt a55ing around with Lidl winter jackets and buy a decent one. Whilst the under £20 winter jackets from Lidl are great, they are a little boil in the bag.

I am after a Nov/Dec to March-ish winter jacket. One that will keep me nice an warm, stop the wind and is breathable.

What do you all recommend and use?

Are the Altura Night Vision Evo jackets any good, the Gore ones?

Things to note:
I am not yet a millionaire, so no breaking the bank recommendations
I wear a rucksack when commuting
Not overly concerned if is is not fully waterproof - I usually wait until it has stopped raining!
Current commute is 12 miles (each way) on Surrey/London roads; which may go up to 20-25 miles (again each way) in the next year or so.
XXXXXXXXXXXL size will be needed!

Thanks in advance and all the best for 2015


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