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Cannondale Mudguard / Rack Eyelets

ProssPross Posts: 29,577
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Can anyone confirm to me what size bolts the eyelets on a CAADX take please? I couldn't get the supplied bolts with my SKS Chromplastics to fit and have just tried fitting a rack that came with M5 15 bolts and they also won't fit into the eyelets. I'm not sure if it's just over-spray from the paint stopping them but don't want to force them in case they are the wrong size. Thanks in advance.


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,184
    M5 sounds right, if you have any M4 and M6 fasteners you will be able to determine which it should be. I had the same problem when fitting mudguards to my Defy, M5 would not start in the thread or went tight immediately.

    I carefully ran them through with an engineers M5 tap, as like you came to the conclusion that it was paint build up that was blocking the threads.
  • 6wheels6wheels Posts: 411
    If the thread is M4 the hole(core diameter) through the eyelet will be just over 3mm and for M5 will be just over 4mm, helps if you have a vernier. I'd be surprised if it's not metric.

    Also, if you don't have a suitable tap but have a spare bolt, just file or Dremel a couple of flats on the thread so the thread disappears. This should be good to clean the thread out.
  • ProssPross Posts: 29,577
    Cheers, I'll try an M4 and failing that I'll borrow a tap.
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