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Hi all

Need some advice between the two bikes below. Same frame, different groupsets. Leaning toward the shimano as people seem to be saying it's easier to replace parts.



  • dj58
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    Are you bothered about colour/looks or are you making your choice purely on component specs.?
    I prefer the look of the black bike myself so that would dictate the Shimano components, never owned a bike with Campagnolo components so can't advise you on those, plenty of people prefer campag to the big S though.
  • Both are only available in white, it's only a display image. I'd probably prefer the black but not fussed really.

    I've been trying to work out the difference in the handlebar setup with the levers etc but cant get to the only camp dealer in my town
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    Veloce has a button on the inside of the hood to shift to a smaller ring and a paddle behind the brake lever to move up a ring. 105 has the same to move up a ring but you move that and the brake lever to go down. I've Sora, Ultegra and Veloce on various bikes and if pushed, I'd say I have a slight preference for the Campagnolo, but the Shimano is great.
    Apologies if you meant something different about the handlebar setup!!
  • Cheers Chippy that was exactly what i wanted to know. thanks
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    I've had both Campag (Mirage) and Shimano (105, Ultegra) and have a preference for Shimano

    Positioning of the button for upshifting (larger to smaller rear cog) on Campag can make it a bit awkward when you're riding on the drops. Otherwise I had no problems with Campag. The Shimano paddle is reached easily whether you are on the hoods or drops

    In general the Shimano replacement parts are cheaper than Campag. (Campag cassettes are notoriously expensive compared to a similar spec level in Shimano)
  • That was my thoughts. Cheaper to start with, possibly cheaper later. Little difference between the two apart from the shifting. I think I'll go the 105
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    Difference between Campag and Shimano is all about the logic and feel. Logic relates to how the levers work - to me it is much more intuitive to have a thumb shifter on each ergo for shifting to a smaller ring (left levers work the front rings and right levers work the cassette), whilst the larger levers which sit parallel and behind the brake levers, do the opposite. Shimano's system works faultlessly, but to my mind a bit more cumbersome having to move the entire brake lever assembly. Little bit more difficult to express, but the Campag feels a bit more direct/ connected/ mechanical than the Shimano. As I say they both work perfectly well, but I'd strongly recommend you try them both out before committing to one or t'other. If you can't get access to one in a shop near you, perhaps get a spin on a mate's bike.

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    105 for me.
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    If you need to ask I would say get the Shimano.
    It also saves you wasting that bike shops time in trying out a bike you have absolutely no intention of buying.

    Personally I would get the Campag (I do not have Campag, so not just saying it because I have it , which seems the norm on here) out of those two, but that said I would actually probably just spend a bit more and get the 11 speed Ultegra, Carbon, Verenti Revelation SR0.3 2014 / ex-demo.