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moefoemilmoefoemil Posts: 254
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Hi all,
I've just ordered a few things from Bike24 in Germany, I was just wanting to know if anyone else had bought stuff from here and was wondering if they were any good and what they were like for delivery times etc?
Happy Christmas!
Cheers. Gaz
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  • DKayDKay Posts: 1,652
    I've bought a few things from them. Great prices and always been satisfied with their delivery times. Takes a little longer, say by a few extra days, but not excessive by any means.
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    Titanium Bertoletti
  • Same here, good service from Bike24 as well as;

    Rose Bikes,
    Star Bike,

    All very good stores but StarBike can be a little slow with Bike-Discount being the most efficient with all my previous orders.
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  • socratessocrates Posts: 453
    Still amazes me that people order items from a company and then ask are they reliable etc. Would it not be more sensible the other way around. Just saying.
  • SavioSavio Posts: 7
    Used them last month, a bit slow to ship otherwise good would buy again.
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