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How to service the bearing on the drive side (XT rear hub)?

kiloukilou Posts: 26
edited December 2014 in MTB workshop & tech

I have a Shimano XT FH-M785 rear hub on my bike. When I did service it last year I removed the dust seal on the freewheel (drive side) in order to remove the ball bearing and clean it. This year when again servicing the hub I notived that the cone on the freewheel side was pitted. After looking around about this problem, I read that it is actually not a good thing to remove the dust seal on the freewheel as it gets easily damaged. It's well possible that this is what happened on my hub. Anyway I ended up buying a new hub as getting the axle and the cone was almost the same price. So I'm going to just replace the freewheel and keep the new hub as a spare. So for this time it's going to be okay but next time I'll service the hub, how should I proceed to clean the ball bearing on the freewheel side ? I don't see how I can take it off the freewheel without removing that dust seal... Is only the bearing on the non drive side serviceable on the XT FH M785 hub ??

Thanks for your input !


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