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jmargolis19jmargolis19 Posts: 9
I am looking into buying a new bike. I understand that Cyclocross seem to be the right type for my personal needs, however, I was wondering if a used bicycle will get me a higher quality bike for my budget: £200 to £350. Is it worth buying new and if so, where do I go to get my bike?


  • For you or kids?

    Either way, the answer in my view would be yes. Islabikes would be above your budget for kids and as an adult I'm not sure I'd fancy doing Cyclocross on a new bike from that price range. That's not at all being snobbish about it, just the way it is.

    Second-hand, if you're not in a tearing hurry, however, you can almost certainly find something good that fits your budget. Ebay is a bit of a lottery, far better to look at the for sale boards here, CTC, etc. Or join a club and asking around could well be fruitful.

    As long as the basics are sound and especially if you're happy to do (or learn to do) your own wrenching there are a lot of options.

    I did up a Peugeot road bike bought on here for my eldest for less than that and it's a great ride.
  • Perhaps it shouldn't, but it does surprise me how many people ask questions on a forum, others take the time to write a response and the OP doesn't reply. Oh well, another 5 mins of life wasted.
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