Northwave winter boots.

JackPozzi Posts: 1,191
edited December 2014 in Road buying advice
Currently use the Artic celcius boots (SPD fitting) which are great but would prefer to use Keo cleats so looking at the options available.

As I know Northwave are comfortable I'd rather stick with that brand so it seems that the ARTIC COMMUTER R GTX is the same as I already have but with the road cleat fitting, but then I noticed they also make an EXTREME WINTER GTX R which looks a bit better (yellow fluoro really clashes with my bright orange club kit...) They are however a fair bit more expensive so just wondered if it's worth the extra, warm feet are much more important than colour clashes for me so if they are warmer or have better waterproofing I'm happy to shell out the extra £50, if it is just a case of slightly different design I'd go for the cheaper option.

Anyone tried both and able to make a comparison please?