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My wife who is quite new to road cycling has had a few problems uncleating from Shimano road pedals.

This has resulted in a few falls in the past and dented her confidence a little. Consequently I refitted the standard plastic non-clip pedals as supplied with her Bianchi road bike. These she is confident with and wears trainers to cycle in.

This weekend she mentioned returning to the Shimano clipless pedals again, however in doing a bit of research I have come across the Shimano R540 LA pedal system, the LA standing for 'light action'

I am wondering if these would be better for my wife. Has anyone any experience of them regarding the light action and also the level of adjustment regarding the release mechanism.



  • I use the SPD version, the 'Click R' ones, which I think are a similar concept. They literally are just easier to click out of than the normal SPD's I've used..

    I only use them because they have built in reflectors (virtually no other spd pedals do) and as such I have them on their tightest setting else I'll click out when putting the power down.
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    What about your wife trying Shimano double-sided mountain bike style SPD pedals with the multi-release SH56 cleats? Really easy entry compared with single-sided road pedals while the SH56 cleats enable you to release foot by twisting in or out and even by pulling upwards. The multi-release cleats are silver as opposed to the black regular ones and are often recommended for newcomers to clipless pedals.
  • Good advice and I started my road bike cycling with that style of pedal, unfortunately the road shoes she bought do not have a fitting for that sort of cleat.
    I think there is possibly an adaptor you can buy but it will start making the shoes very bulky. She doesn't have an issue being cleated to the bike the issue has been that the road Shimano SPD pedals even on their minimal setting were too tight for her to release, resulting in the falls.
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    Just had a look at reviews on Chain Reaction site for the R450 Light Action pedals and they are positive. People say they are easy to clip in and out from and are well suited to beginners. The release tension would appear to go down pretty low. So they could well be the answer for your wife if she wants to stick with single-sided road pedals and shoes.
  • I modified my SPD pedals to make them easier: viewtopic.php?f=40004&t=12946153#p18812108

    Might be worth a try - together with the other tip in the thread about making sure the cleat bolts are tight.
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    My wife had the same in clipping out problem. She ended up with Egg Beaters and let's on really well with them.
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    I went from R540 to Look Keo as I find them miles easier to get into, and more intuitive to get out of.