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Milan - San Remo 2015

leechy12leechy12 Posts: 47
Hi All,

I'm looking to enter the Gand Fondo Milan - San Remo on the 26th April, 2015. Has anyone else ridden this event that can perhaps give me an idea of what to expect. I'm not panicing about the distance so much, albeit ive not attempted anything as long as this in the "sportive" sense before - i was more wondering about the "level" of other riders, how seriously do the locals take it, do groups form over the course etc etc. I read somewhere in the past that the Italians really throw everything into this one and that its quick by all accounts.

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  • yes, several of us

    this is defo one for the search function
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  • Granfondos in Italy are very competitive and the guys at the front are semi-professional and former professional cyclists, often juiced up. The front of the peloton will travel at near PRO speed for most of the way... averaging 40-45 Kmh... if there are climbs the front group will break up, in the case of M-S it is likely to be very fast at least until the final sharper climbs.

    It's a different experience to Uk sportives, where there isn't a bunch (or a winner)
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