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Canyon Endurance CF spec choices

roubaixtomroubaixtom Posts: 316
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Hi I'm planning on ordering an Endurance CF after Christmas. Now canyon have introduced twice as many different specced models I'm slightly confused.

Both of the CF 8.0s come with Shimano 5800 however one has Ritchy and one has Canyon own brand bar/stem. Is one better than other? Both are £1299. Also is it worth paying the extra for The VCLS and DT swiss RT24 over Aksuims?

With Ritchy Components

With Canyon Components

Why the £200 difference?

Sizing: Im 5ft9 ride a 54cm roubaix. Medium Endurance CF?



  • Hello Mate,

    I have a Ultimate Cf with ultegra,

    mine is the 2015 version with canyon components and a mate has the 2014 version with ritchey components,

    Having seen both I would say they are very similar, the canyon version is perhaps a bit more 'stealth' as the is very little branding verses the ritchey branded ones?

    I have the VCLS 2.0 seat post which seems excellent however i havent done that many miles yet as i have put the bike away for winter. i believe there is a weight limit to the vcls 2.0 seat post so be careful

    I havent riden the alex rims wheels but part of the reason i went to the ultimate over the endurace was the mavic wheels.....

    I'm 5'10 and i have gone for the medium seems a a good fit.
  • I'd also add alot of people have issues with Canyon delivery times and customer service.....

    I ordered my ulitmate cf in september and it arrived early....was in a crash and insurance replaced it, the second one arrived even earlier than orignally expected. I deal a little with customer service when i was looking into replacement frame and yes can be difficult to get a hold of but are very helpful, they are very busy so got to spend a bit of time on hold!

    So having ordered two bikes both arrived earlier than the 6 weeks estimate i would definetly buy again, and they are a great product!
  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    Canyon are moving to their own components. So I think there is the option of both Ritchey and Canyon handlebar and stems until the Ritchey one's run out.
    Rumours on this forum are that Ritchey are making the Canyon bars and stem anyway, so overal I can't imagine there will be enough difference to notice. That said if I had the option I would go Ritchey.
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