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Front or rear pannier?

oldskoolskateroldskoolskater Posts: 10
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Hi All

I've commuted for years with dual rear panniers but a new job and new bike on the horizon is making me wonder whether it's time for a change..
I'll be getting a Cube Editor which runs an Alfine 11 hub gear so the bike is naturally heavy at the rear. I'll only need one pannier shortly also, so am wondering whether to drop from 2 rear to 1 low-rider front pannier to try and equalise the front-rear balance of the bike?
I realise though that 1 pannier may make the bike feel a bit lop-sided but it will only be carrying clothes for work and my dinner, plus a few tools so shouldn't feel too bad in that respect, presumably?
I've ridden hub gears for years and with full loaded dual rears at present I can only just pick the back of the bike up!

The only other option would be to ride with 1 rear but which would be the most stable through city traffic - 1 front or 1 rear?




  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    I ride with 1 rear no issues, I don't notice any difference in stability when riding at all, and at times the Pannier weighs in at over 6kg.

    Aero benefit (small) of having it behind your leg as well I'd expect, personally I'd use one rear in your position.
  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    If you are going to use a single pannier make it a rear one. I ride home every night with one rear pannier full of wood and hardly notice it. One pannier on the front will make the steering feel quite odd.
  • Think a rear may be less susceptible to cross-winds also so will prob stick with the rear - especially since I already have one.
    Got me to thinking where I must have picked up the idea, and it must have been from the Specialized AWOL I've been considering. To scared to ride drops in fast busy traffic though! :? :shock:
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Front panniers need to be fairly well balanced; the bike will want to turn if you have even a minor imbalance that you wouldn't notice on the rear.

    It also moves the CoG more forward when you really want to get it aft to help braking.

    Basically front panniers are only to be used if you can't get all your kit into your rears.
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  • Thx all for your advice - I'll stick to the rear!
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