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swimming saturday morning

tlw1tlw1 Posts: 21,656
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just what I need, after a very excessive night, sitting watching the kids swimming lessons in circa 90 degree heat :(

Today is recovery/pub lunch at 12 for Christmas Part 1, which is with the wife family minus the mother in law, later the wife is cooking Christmas dinner (Part 2) this time without the father in law. All whilst the sister in law/ brother in law and nephew are there - I am so blessed :roll:

Bright side we have stocked up with enough alcohol to make it through the 'drama' and as we have moved up to the top floor bedroom to get away from the 'drama' I can see my new camp bike from the bed :)


  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 56,853
    The best Christmases are the ones that don't involve family I'm yet to experience one though...

    Haircut, shops and coffee are on the cards today - and a bit of footy later. Might wash The Panzer if I get time (highly unlikely as the wife will be dishing out jobs :roll: )
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  • Morning Losers!

    Finally have a day to relax a bit, though I've still got loads of present building to do. Bury Vs York this afternoon, fierce rivals and there will probably be more action off the pitch than on it. Bring it on.

    Tonight, I'll be setting up microphones as I'm doing a recording tomorrow. I live such an exciting life.

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  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598

    Had a right twunt of a day watching the young uns filing and drilling the war machine, hopefully pt1 is finished tomorrow afternoon then it'll get finished off around the 5th Jan!

    Got home and the bottom feeder insists on wrapping pressies and writing cards.......oh what joy!

    Another 12 hours of gash aircraft repair tomorrow and i'm hoping thats me for xmas i doubt it though.

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