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Canyon keep or sell?

BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
edited December 2014 in MTB general

This morning I woke up at 5:50 and then went into the shower at 6:15. I promptly had a quick shower and dried myself off.

I then left off to work at 6:40 to meet up with my colleague as we car share in, I didn't bike to his I drove. It might be because I'm too weak at that point of the morning to bike as I don't usually have breakfast.

I try to have three healthy meals a day but I can't always, I had a Jordans breakfast bar though does that count as a healthy meal and enough for a breakfast?

We drove to work, on the way we talked about various things, nothing hugely exciting but we had a conversation nonetheless and we listened to some weird South African techno/rap music that he liked, it was ok but not to my taste.

We got to work at 8:02am, parked up and I brewed myself a tea.

Then I did some work.

Throughout the day I gorped at other women, there are a number of attractive women at my office and I had bad thoughts about them. I am married too, is this a sin? Shall i go to hell?

12pm I had my lunch, a wholemeal sandwich with ham and branston pickle a packet of quavers and a kit kat. Is this wholesome enough?

I spoke to my colleagues, we talked about stuff while working. I ordered some walking stuff, some Rab gaitors and some Nikwax reproofing spray for my walking boots, which will be good as the weather is turning gradually wetter. I have Berghaus waterproof trousers but I felt that on some cold days that arn't raining but still wet on the ground the gaitors would be a better choice over the waterproof trousers. They were £31.99 and the spray was £7.

I did some meetings, some pretty boring others not so much.

I then left off work at 4:30 and the drive home was pretty boring again, listened to some manics and as I wasn't driving I was playing 'spot the fit bird I'd like to do some dirty stuff with'.

I then got home, the wife and I had some dinner but as we couldn't be bothered to cook we had hotdogs in co-op bread finger rolls.

Then I had a cup of tea.

Oh and I was thinking of selling my Canyon, should I?


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