cannondale synaps sora triple 2013 upgrade

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I want to upgrade my bike to make it faster was going to start with 105 groupset any advice also thought about buying a giant defy 1 :twisted:


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    I don't think changing groupsets will make you faster. In terms of upgrades tyres and wheels may make a noticeable difference. Decent brake blocks are another worthwhile investment. I wouldn't bother with anything else. Tyres and brake blocks to start with though - wheels when you've worn out the last set.
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  • oooh but im spinning it out in the big ring downhill
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    What's your weight, riding area (flat, rolling) etc. spinning out downhill is quite a feat. Generally the gears you have won't restrict your riding, legs are the main component there!
  • As already said, it's difficult to just buy bits to add to a bike to make it 'go faster'. Sure, bits like light aero wheels will help but really the difference will be pretty marginal as its the engine that really counts.

    You say you're spinning out going down hills- with a normal triple chainset you'll have a 50 tooth big ring which is the standard size for a compact chainset as well- if you need more teeth then you'll need a standard chainset and those are the preserve of pan flat or powerful riders.

    I guess the smallest tooth you have on the cassette at the back is 12t- if you can get a cessette with a smallest tooth of 11t then you'll have a gear which is higher than a 52t standard chainring with a 12t rear, and if you can spin that out then you'll know about it.
    Personally I find the 50t big ring (like your current one) with a 12t on the cassette is perfectly fine for general riding, and I spin it out at about 40-42mph which is about as fast as you ever really want to go on any of the sharp, twisty hills down here in the South.

    If you want your bike to feel a bit sprightlier then investing in a lighter pair of wheels/ rims will help (even sturdy 32 spoke Open Pros are lighter than most wheels paired with more budget bikes- and some approaching £2k!) as well as lighter tyres and inner tubes. However, I'd leave that for the summer with drier roads as they will be more prone to puncture. If you do some training in the meantime by the time it comes to put the summer tyres on then you'll feel like a rocket.

    Changing the groupset won't make much difference- it *might* feel a little better, I've done all of my racing with 8spd 2300 which makes the new Sora look lightyears ahead and it still hasn't really held me back.
  • thnx iron clove quiet hilly were I live north east uk
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